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Clueless CNN reporter is already doling out blame for POST-election violence

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The media has done its level best to demonize GOP nominee Donald Trump and all his “deplorable” supporters, and now one CNN reporter is insisting that if there is any violence during or after the election it will be because Donald Trump caused it.

During yet another on-air discussion of this election, CNN’s Brian Stelter made the startling accusation that Trump is fomenting violence. In fact, he calls Trump “dangerous.”

Of course, Stelter is being highly hypocritical when he complains that Trump has been saying mean things about bankers, corporations and the media because Hillary Clinton has said exactly the same stuff about exactly the same people and Stelter is not attacking her as “dangerous.”

Still, this year we have already seen violence perpetrated at political rallies. But thus far it has mostly been committed by Hillary’s supporters, not Trump’s.

For instance, there was the near riot conditions that occurred in downtown Chicago that ended up causing Trump to cancel his rally in March. As Trump’s peaceful crowd waited inside a college venue for Trump to appear, outside the school liberals and Hillary supporters began marauding all around the area getting in fights, breaking car windows, and causing a scary amount of unrest. The situation was so dangerous, Trump told Fox News he decided to cancel the rally to keep his supporters safe.

Thus far, no Hillary rally has been canceled because Trump supporters made the situation too dangerous for her to appear.

There were also liberals rioting outside a Trump rally in San Jose, California. While Trump’s supporters remained peaceful, liberal thugs were seen chasing down and beating up Trump supporters during the June event.

In another case, Trump supporters were attacked by liberals in Minneapolis. And in yet another case, liberals rioted in Albuquerque, New Mexico, causing thousands of dollars in damage to local buildings and cars. They also threw rocks and fiery debris at police.

The truth is that so far most of the violence seen this political season has been committed by Hillary’s supporters, not Trump’s.

Plenty of folks on Twitter were sickened by his comment:


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