Media ignores gut-wrenching tweets from victim of rapist that Hillary helped set free

Kathy Shelton was raped when she was an innocent 12-year-old girl, but Hillary Clinton helped give legal representation to her rapist leading to his getting away with the crime. This victim’s story is heart-rending and a recent series of tweets should have been a major deal in the media if they weren’t all so obsessed with audio tape of Donald Trump saying mean things.

In one Tweet, for instance, Shelton says she was likely Hillary Clinton’s first female victim.

Shelton was only 12 in 1975 when Hillary made sure her rapist was freed from prison. This was not “just a rape,” either. Her rapist, Thomas Alfred, and his friend grabbed Shelton off the street and raped her in a car. But they didn’t just rape her. They beat her nearly to death. She ended up in a coma for 5 days but miraculously survived only to see Hillary Clinton help free her attacker.

In court Hillary mercilessly smeared Shelton, a 12-year-old girl, and claimed she wanted to be raped. Hillary horribly claimed that this little girl “sought out” her rapist.

Shelton’s life was irredeemably destroyed first by a vicious rapist who even took away her ability to have children, and then by Hillary Clinton who prevented this girl from seeing justice done.

Meanwhile, Hillary has been heard on tape laughing about how she got a rapist off and affirming that he was probably guilty.

Four months ago, CNN aired a report on this case with audio of Hillary laughing about her part in freeing the rapist and would be murderer.

Remember, this is from the same Democrat candidate who claims to be an advocate for women!

This is just another important story the media is mostly ignoring in favor of talking about Trump saying crude things on tape.

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