Minn. police release info on radicalized Muslim knife attacker with horrifying mall surveillance

Authorities have released the shocking raw video of Minnesota mall attacker, Muslim Dahir Adan, as he ran through the shops stabbing 10 people in September.

Police and the FBI have also released some of the details of their investigation into the last year of Adan’s life as he became increasingly radicalized into extreme Islam. They note he withdrew from his family and friends, stopped doing the normal things he liked to do (like playing basketball and video games) and began to ramble incessantly about Islam.

The FBI also noted that he went form being a high achieving college student to flunking out “almost over night” as he began to devote more and more time to Islam.

“The totality of Dahir Adan’s behavior and the actions suggest he may have been radicalized either with the influence of others or on his own,” FBI Special Agent Rick Thornton said.

During the press conference authorities also released the mall security videos they gathered which show some of the attacks.

Here is some of the raw footage of the attacker (WARNING it is graphic):

The attorney for Adan’s family, Abdulwahid Osman, insisted that the would-be jihadi’s family never noticed the major change in Adan as he delved deeper into Islam.

“They believed he was doing as good as he used to do,” Osman said.

But while Adan’s family may be refusing to believe Islam was Adan’s main motive, the truth is clear. Witnesses say as he ran through the mall attacking people he was heard demanding to know if they were Muslim.


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