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Store owner has a not so subtle way to show his disdain for Kaepernick. Oh, and wipe your feet when entering

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A Chicago area store owner has decided his customers’ feet are the ideal way to show how much he disagrees with anti-American San Francisco 49ers player Colin Kaepernick for refusing to stand during the playing of our national anthem!

Kaepernick is the pampered, super-rich NFL player who started this business of showing hatred for the U.S.A. by refusing to show respect for the anthem and Chicago south suburban mattress store owner Dave Gerwing has had just about enough of it.

Gerwing decided to mount a little protest of his own by using Kaepernick’s number seven jersey as a floor mat under the front door of his Crestwood-based store. Customers who enter Gerwing’s store have little choice but to walk all over the Kaepernick jersey.

“People have made the ultimate sacrifice. They have died for our freedoms. Sitting down on your butt is nothing more than a disservice and disrespect to the people fighting for our rights,” Gerwing told Chicago’s Channel 2.

“Does he have the right to protest?” Gerwing added. “Absolutely. The same way I have the right to put his jersey on the floor.”

Gerwing, though, was quick to note that the Kaepernick doormat is not a racial statement.

“This is not a race issue for me,” the store owner said. “If this were Eli Manning doing this, his jersey would be on the floor right now as well.”

The store owner concluded that while the U.S. may have its problems, “it’s pretty good, if you ask me.”

This Chicago store owner isn’t alone in his disgust for what Kaepernick is doing. A massive boycott of the NFL was also launched that has already seen results in lower TV ratings for games.


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