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Rush’s deplorable T-shirts are ‘a huge hit’- Hillary slammed them before all of America, but now . . .

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Hillary Clinton  thinks millions of Americans are racist, homophobic, woman-haters.

But instead of wasting time being offended, folks are taking the epithet as a compliment and turned it around on Hillary in hilarious fashion. And they have their own merchandise to prove it!

Radio giant Rush Limbaugh was one of the first to offer the “must-have” fashion statement of 2016.


Realizing she made herself look bad and in clear acknowledgement that her idiotic “deplorables” line was no better than Mitt Romney’s hated “47 percent” line, Hillary made a half-hearted apology soon after. But it was too late. Trump fans grabbed the name with gusto.

Only hours passed before the internet exploded with Trump fans happily accepting the “deplorables” handle as their own and a long list of memes filled social media posted by center right voters grabbing onto what Hillary meant to be an insult to half the country.

One popular graphic was a take on the action movie “The Expendables” with the faces of Trump, his VP candidate Mike Pence, and other GOP notables, photo-shopped onto the bodies of the actors from the film, Fox News reported.

Another was a take off on the stage play “Les Miserables,” naturally with “deplorables” replacing “Miserables.”

The Trump campaign itself also posted a meme showing images of yet another gigantic Trump campaign rally with the caption, “looks like we are going to need a bigger basket,” thereby making the point that a Trump rally always has more supporters in the audience than any Clinton rally ever has.

There were more serious treatments of Hillary’s much maligned meme, too. Talk show host Laura Ingraham also posted a meme riffing on Hillary’s “deplorables” comment.

And then, after another day, the merchandise began to show up. T-Shirts, coffee mugs, lapel pins, key chains, any number of products sporting “the deplorables” meme splashed across the internet.


Not to be left in the dust of a good sales opportunity, folks on the auction website Esty are also offering “Deplorables” merchandise. From pendants, to hats, decals, lapel pins, coffee mugs, and T-Shirts, the “deplorables” merch is growing by leaps and bounds.

The Trump campaign store does not yet have any “deplorables” merchandise for fans to purchase, but it will likely show up there soon, too.

Meanwhile, Trump has already made light of Hilary’s “deplorables” comment. During a campaign rally in Asheville, NC, the GOP standard-bearer invited a group of supporters onto the stage and told the crowd that Hillary may think they are all “deplorables,” but he thinks his supporters are just hard-working Americans, the Charlotte Observer said.


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