Jon Voight proves he’s all in for Trump: ‘Here’s something people don’t know…’

Hollywood star Jon Voight is all in for Donald Trump and says that the real estate mogul isn’t just pretending to care about people. “This is not an act with him,” the actor insisted.

The “National Treasure” star appeared on the Fox Business Network show “Varney & Company,” and told host Stuart Varney Trump, without question, is the better candidate.

Varney asked if Voight supports the “new Trump” or the “old Trump”?

“I’m a Trump supporter [and have been] for quite a long time,” Voight replied.

Voight insisted that Trump is indefatigable saying, “he’s a problem solver, Stu, he’s used to taking on impossible jobs…and solving them.”

“He’s got a tremendous amount of energy,” Voight added. “I see him at the end of a day when he jumps through three states and at 11 O’Clock at night he looks exactly the same way he started at 7 O’Clock in the morning. It’s quite remarkable. And he’s always in good cheer.”

Varney also noted that many Trump supporters are stealing away Hillary Clinton’s insult that they are “deplorables” and using it for a rallying cry.

Voight laughed that he saw a sign that said “Deplorables Lives Matter” and he thought that was great.

Varney closed his visit with Voight asking if he thought a Republican could actually win in California.

“I don’t think there’s anywhere Donald Trump can’t win if he gets his team focused and finds a way to introduce himself to the people,” Voight replied.

“Once people see who he is, they cling to him, and that’s it!” Voight added.

But Voight also felt that Trump is entirely sincere.

“Here is something that people don’t know about Donald Trump,” Voight said earnestly. “You know, he loves people and he’s very, very considerate, and his heart goes out to people. He’s not making it up when he sits with somebody who’s suffering something and you can see him feeling for them.”

“This is not an act with him,” Voight concluded.


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