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Mattress store grovels for forgiveness when AWFUL ‘Twin Tower’ ad mocking 9/11 goes viral

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The owner of a Texas mattress store has issued an apology after his San Antonio store produced what has been regarded by many as one of the most offensive ads in history.

The San Antonio Miracle Mattress aired a commercial for its “Twin Tower” sale to “remember 9/11″ and the word reprehensible doesn’t even begin to cover it.

In the commercial store manager Cherise Bonanno touted the sale of any size mattress for the price of a twin as two stacks of mattresses resembling towers stood behind her with a man in front of each and an American flag.

At the end of the commercial Bonanno swings her arms hitting the two men who fall into the mattress towers knocking them over.

“Oh my God,” Bonanno yelled. “We’ll never forget.”

[wpvideo zEYdRy4S]

Following an avalanche of outrage of social media Bonanno apologized.

“It was a stupid idea that we sent out and we apologized for our stupidity and we really hope you forgive us for what we have done,” Bonanno told WOAI-TV.

She said they store had received death threats since the ad was posted on the company’s Facebook page and the store had to close on Thursday because of it, WOAI reported.

“We are hate, we are love. We are somebody that stands out. We are Miracle Mattress – we make miracles happen,” she said. “And for our lives to be in danger, that’s not what we ever wanted.”

Miracle Mattress owner Mike Bonanno, Cherise’s father, also posted an apology on the company Facebook page.

Social media was not quick to forgive.

Carmine Sabia


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