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Bill Clinton calls those who want to ‘Make America Great Again’ racists, but look who said it first

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Former president Bill Clinton thinks Donald Trump’s “Make America Great Again” slogan is thinly veiled racism.

But it was Clinton himself, back in 1992 and after, who used the phrase several times.

“I’m actually old enough to remember the good old days, and they weren’t all that good in many ways,” he told the crowd at a rally in Orlando on Wednesday. “That message where ‘I’ll give you America great again’ is if you’re a white Southerner, you know exactly what it means, don’t you?”

“What it means is ‘I’ll give you an economy you had 50 years ago, and I’ll move you back up on the social totem pole and other people down,’” Clinton said. “What Hillary wants to do is take the totem pole down, and let us all go forward together.”

But on Friday “Fox & Friends” showed a montage of the former president using the phrase himself, so does that mean he is racist too?

Race baiting is complicated.

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Carmine Sabia


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