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After being shamed by Donald Trump, here’s what the president decided to do about Louisiana

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President Obama is finally going to cut into his golf vacation to visit the flood ravaged state of Louisiana.

Well, not actually.

The White House announced on Friday that the president’s consulted with Louisiana officials to determine when the best time to visit would be.

And wouldn’t you know it, they decided on Tuesday, 18 days after the president and his family landed at Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts for an announced 17-day vacation.

That is some coincidence. The time the government officials in the devastated state of Louisiana decided the president ought to swing by just happens to be the day after his vacation was scheduled to be over.

And as Obama has been busy polishing his golf game and yelling at his daughter for smoking marijuana, flashing her derriere and getting pulled out of a party that the police raided, Donald Trump managed to get to the state and bring supplies for the people.

On Friday, the Republican presidential nominee chided Obama for not cutting into his vacation to visit Louisiana himself.

Social media also blasted Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for not making her way to the state.

And the American public wasn’t too impressed with the president’s announced visit either.

Carmine Sabia


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