Russia to offer cease-fire after image of traumatized Syrian boy shocks the world

*Warning for disturbing content.

After the image of a dazed 5-year-old Syrian boy dug out of the rubble of his Russian-bombed home shocked the world, Vladimir Putin’s Russia announced a cease-fire, at least for now.

“The image of the stunned and weary-looking boy, sitting in an ambulance caked with dust and with blood on his face, captured the horror that has beset the war-torn northern city as photographs of the child were widely shared on social media,” the AP reported.

The Russian military said Thursday it was now ready to join a U.N.-backed plan of a weekly ceasefire in the troubled nation of Syria.

Russian forces have been bombing the Muslim nation to help root out terrorist armies under the control of the brutal ISIS group.

But after the image emerged of little Omran, a boy from Aleppo, Syria, Russia seems to have made a move to head off the growing condemnation of its bombing campaigns.

The image is certainly a striking reminder of the results of all out war.

“It was as if he was asleep. Not unconscious, but traumatized — lost,” a nurse told the media in Syria.

Throughout the report, one CNN anchor couldn’t hold back the tears while relaying Omran’s story. And who could blame her.


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