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‘Watters’ World’ takes hilarious trip Obama’s vacation land, Martha’s Vineyard

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President Barack Obama is well-known for his  summer vacations to Martha’s Vineyard, and for the last time as president, he’s there once again.

The first family have been to the Massachusetts hub six times since he took office in January 2009.

But the Vineyard is also home to one of the oldest African-American resort areas in the U.S. — one Obama never visits when he’s on the island — and “The O’Reilly Factor’s” Jesse Watters decided used his “Watters’ World” segment to see what people there think of the president’s record.

Unsurprisingly, most people Watters met on the beaches and boardwalks thought Obama was doing a good job. They said he has faced overwhelming racism, and had “a lot to clean up” from all those white presidents who came before him.

But Watters did find one black vacationer who is a big supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

To this man, who was sporting a Trump T-shirt, Obama has been an utter failure.

But of the Obama boosters, Watters was able to stump them by reciting facts. With one Obama lover, Watters asked what the president has achieved in office. The man couldn’t answer. With another, Watters pointed out that homeownership and income among blacks has fallen under Obama. Again … crickets.

Watters was able to inject his usual dose of humor into the bit, but it is clear that many of Obama’s supporters are working on emotion, not facts.


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