Marital fight over Trump vs Hillary gets so intense cops are called to break it up

Politics is reaching a fever pitch these days, especially in one Florida household in Florida where a man and wife came to blows over their opposing views on Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump, according to a police report.

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Police in Bradenton, Florida, arrested 78-year-old Trump supporter Lawrence Littman after an altercation with his wife Elvia Littman, a Hillary supporter and registered Democrat.

Police responded to a 911 call made by the man’s elderly wife after Littman got a bit too physical while the pair argued about the coming election. According to, police said the man “called her many derogatory names then grabbed her wrist and threw her on a chair in the bedroom.”

Elvia also told police she tried to retreat to the bedroom to get away from her enraged hubby, but he followed her and “grabbed her by the arm again and slung her to the ground.” She also said she “hurt her butt/backside when she hit the ground.”

For his part, Littman said after the argument got heated his wife of 20 years tried to slap him in the face. In response he “shoved her back and she slipped and fell to the ground.”

Police charged Littman with battery on a person over 65, which is a felony. He is now free on $500 bond and awaits another court date. He pleaded not guilty to the charges.


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