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‘Disgraceful’ BLM activists shout down moment of silence for fallen officers at DNC

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The memory of fallen police officers was disrespected at the Democrat National Convention.

Dallas Sheriff Lupe Valdez spoke at the DNC on Thursday about the relationship between the community and law enforcement and how it is strained.

She spoke of excessive forced used, even against people in her own family, but said she became an officer to “serve and protect, not to hate and discriminate.”

It was a unifying message that she concluded by asking for a moment of silence for fallen officers.

But days of Black Lives Matter rhetoric weren’t enough for some who decided to disrespect the tribute to law enforcement killed in the line of duty by shouting out “black lives matter” during the moment of silence.”

As soon as the shouts rang out, Valdez cut the moment off. A shameful display by people who don’t care about anyone other than themselves and their agenda.

The anger in the backlash was palpable.

Carmine Sabia


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