Paramedic describes ordeal when BLM thugs block bridge delaying emergency medical help for a BABY

Black Lives Matter claims to care for people and insists their fight is a “peaceful” quest for what is “right,” but in Memphis the BLM crew put the life of a little baby in danger because they refused to clear the road for an ambulance.

When BLM protesters shut down the I-40 bridge on July 11 it shut off the path to the hospital for a very sick infant. The parents of the child were on the bridge desperately trying to get to the local hospital when the BLM crew shut the roadway down. After the parents called for help, police had to escort the paramedics the wrong way on I-40 so that they could get to the infant.

But that wasn’t all. Not only did it take many times longer to reach the stricken child because the highway was shut down by protesters, it took even more precious time to get the child to the hospital because the ambulance had to drive 25 minutes out of the way to get to the hospital because the BLM protesters had shut down the vital direct road to the facility.

The paramedic on the scene described the ordeal for local news:

One might think this would be the sort of story that the media might love to highlight. But it seems that some members of the media think that BLM protesters should be allowed to break any law they want to get their point across.

Take CNN, for instance. CNN reporter Victor Blackwell directly stated that BLM should be allowed to break “what ever law” to block city streets and he also said police should stand by and do nothing about it. Clearly he doesn’t understand why the streets need to remain free and open.

Naturally BLM’s endangering of the baby’s life didn’t go unnoticed on social media.

To add insult to injury, it was reported the father had to stay stuck in traffic with his car while his child was transported to the hospital.


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