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LGBT community asked who’s to blame for Orlando terror attack, the answers are beyond ridiculous

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When a radical islamic terrorist, who is also a registered Democrat, kills 49 people in a gay nightclub, who is to blame?

According to one man who attended a vigil for the victims of the attack, the answer is Donald Trump supporters.

“[The attack stemmed from] a particular type of culture that is being brought up right now by, for example, the most prominent and visible, Donald Trump supporters,” he told The Blaze.

And, of course, sticking to the liberal narrative, he also blamed “easy access to guns.”

It was a cause echoed by many who attended.

“It’s definitely a combination of a lack of gun control and just so much hate for the LGBT community,” a woman who attended the vigil told TheBlaze. “I would not blame Islam for this.”

“Islam is a religion of peace, even though there is a lot of extremism, there have been no high examples so far in the United States of America that show straight-up LGBT hate, as far as Islam goes,” she said.

Apparently she didn’t hear that a Muslim Imam told followers in Orlando months before the attack that “death is the penalty” for homosexuals and “let’s get rid of them now.”

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