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Survivor: Orlando killer said he’d spare black people in nightclub bathroom

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During his rampage through an Orlando nightclub, a survivor of the shooting said radical Islamist Omar Mateen entered the bathroom to kill more patrons only to pause and ask if any black people were hiding in the stalls. The survivor said Mateen insisted he would spare blacks because they already have a hard time in America.

This story of a harrowing escape is told by Patience Carter, 20, who survived the terror attack with a shattered leg.

During a press conference held on Tuesday, Carter, a student from Philadelphia, recounted how she, a cousin and a family friend who had gone to the club for a girl’s night out ended up hiding in a bathroom of the club when the terrorist, who pledged himself to ISIS, entered to kill those hiding there.

The killer went through the bathroom shooting people and left. However, he soon returned, but instead of shooting right away, Carter says the killer paused.

As recounted in the Daily Mail, the victim said he then asked those hiding there an odd question.

Carter says Mateen did eventually return to their stall and that they feared he was going to shoot them again.

But this time he called out and asked if there were any black people hiding behind the doors.

Carter was too afraid to respond, but another black person did, giving an affirmative.

Surprisingly, that caused Mateen to put away his weapon.

“I don’t have a problem with black people,” Mateen reportedly said. “This is about my country. You guys suffered enough.”

This claim that he wanted to be lenient on blacks does not wash with the fact that he had shot numerous African Americans in the club already. Who knows what crazed thoughts run through the head of a terrorist such as this?

Also, presumably Mateen was talking about Afghanistan as “my country.” Though this killer was born in the U.S., it appears he identified with the country from which his parents emigrated to the U.S.

In any case, Patience Carter said she is wracked with guilt because as the confusion of the massacre began she and her companion had actually walked outside and could have been safe were it not for their decision to re-enter the club to find the third member of their party. One of the three ended up dead due to the decision to go back in.

There are likely a hundred harrowing stories like this and we’ll learn about some of them in due time.

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