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Our US neighbor just changed some words in its national anthem and not everyone is pleased

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Now it’s not only bathrooms that progressives want to be gender neutral.

A liberal member of the Canadian Parliament, Mauril Bélanger, introduced a bill to change the lyrics of the country’s national anthem “O Canada” to make them more politically correct.

And the measure was passed with a vote of 219 – 79, the Huffington Post reported.

The bill called for the lyrics “true patriot love in all thy sons command” to be changed to “true patriot love in all of us command.”

After the bill passed members of Parliament actually broke out singing the anthem.

But the deal is not sealed.

The bill now has to go to the heritage committee for study and will be voted on again.

Conservatives opposed to the change have been vocal in their displeasure.

“Maybe the botanists will be in an uproar about the shape of the maple leaf on our flag and demand that it be changed,” Tory party MP Larry Maguire said when the bill was debated last month.

“Some may be upset that the almighty beaver will not stop chopping down trees, so the National Symbol of Canada Act must be amended to swap out the beaver for an animal that is far less destructive,” he added.

Proponents of the change pointed out that the lyrics were already changed from the original “thou dost in us command” to its current form in 1913 to honor the troops fighting in World War I.

However, it is likely that the measure will ultimately become law as Canada seems to be headed in a more liberal direction.

Just last week the far left-wing Prime Minister Justin Trudeau raised the gay pride rainbow flag over parliament.

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