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Johnny Depp reportedly beat ‘ex,’ but bodyguards reveal the glaring flaw in Amber Heard’s ‘set-up’

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Things aren’t looking good for Johnny Depp‘s ex Amber Heard.

The actress has accused Depp of abusing her and a picture of her with a bruise on her face was her offer of  “proof” that he attacked her with an iPhone.

However, a picture she posted to Instagram the day after the argument in which she had no bruise, and a police report that noted no bruise, have cast doubt on that claim.

Depp’s friends and exes rushed to his defense.

Now another blow to her credibility has come at the hands of two of the couple’s security guards.

According to sources with a connection to the case, the guards heard Depp’s wife scream “Stop hitting me” in the middle of the couple’s argument that led to their separation, according to TMZ.

The guards rushed in but apparently found Depp at least 20 feet from her within seconds of her yell, TMZ reported.

Both Depp and Heard knew the guards were there and the scream was an attempt to frame him, TMZ reported.

The guards claimed that it was Heard who had fits of violent rage during and had to routinely pull her off of him during the 15-month marriage.

The two guards are scheduled to testify next month during the restraining order trial.

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