Trump stops presser to conduct impromptu job interview for 9/11 survivor, veteran

Donald Trump interrupted his own press conference to do a job interview with a potential employee and it didn’t go unnoticed.

The Republican presidential front-runner and billionaire businessman was holding a press conference Monday at the site of a hotel he is building in Washington, D.C., when a woman told Trump she was a 9/11 survivor and veteran of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

She told him that she liked his plans for veterans and asked if his upcoming hotel would have a program to employ military vets.

“We have it very much involved. Why what are you looking for? What kind of a position?” Trump asked.

Before she could answer, Trump invited her on stage.

“Do you mind if I do a job interview right now?” he asked the crowd.

Trump asked about her experience and then directed her to go with a man who would conduct the interview in its entirety.

Trump was asked by a reporter what about the woman led him to offer her a job, Yahoo News reported.

“I felt good about her. I’ll tell you what, I looked at her, I said she, you know, I have gut instincts, OK? And we’re allowed to have that,” he replied. “And I looked at her and she asked a question and it was a very positive question … she just seemed like a good person to me.”

Trump said of course there was a possibility she wouldn’t qualify but he believed she would.

Watch the moment below.

Carmine Sabia


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