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Carson indicates Trump endorsement regret; critics say he ‘sold his soul’ for possible job

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Former presidential candidate Dr. Ben Carson sounded regretful on Monday that Donald Trump was the only viable GOP choice for president, telling Newsmax that he would have preferred a different option.

Carson gave his endorsement to the Republican presidential front-runner last week, but he told host Steve Malzberg that he wished he could have given it to someone else.

Malzberg asked Carson how he could endorse Trump after all of the things Trump had said about him.

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“I have to look at what is practical,” he said. “I didn’t see a path for Kasich, who I like, or Rubio, who I like. As far as Cruz is concerned, I don’t think that he’s going to be able to draw Independents and Democrats unless he has some kind of miraculous change.”

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“I have to look at what is practical and what is going to save this country and the American dream for the next generation. Is there another scenario that I would have preferred? Yes. But that scenario isn’t available.”

Malzberg asked if he meant with “one of the other candidates” to which Caron replied “yeah.”

Carson may have also revealed what made it more palatable to endorse the billionaire business man — a job in his administration.

Trump stated when Carson endorsed him that there would be a spot for him within the administration and the doctor confirmed that in his Newsmax interview.

“I do believe, and certainly in my discussions with Donald Trump, he does love America and he does want to be successful. And he will surround himself with very good people,” Carson said.

“And will one of them be Dr. Ben Carson?” Malzberg asked.

“I will be doing things as well, yeah — certainly in an advisory capacity,” the former candidate replied.

“That’s been determined? You’ve, when you sat down with him that was discussed?” Malzberg persisted.

“Yes,” Carson said flatly.

The news was unsettling for many on Twitter:

But others weren’t quite so harsh:

Actually, it isn’t a total shocker. As BPR reported last week, Trump announced Carson would be ‘playing an active’ role in his administration before Carson even made the endorsement official.

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