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NY Times refusal to investigate ‘off-the-record’ leaker screams cover-up

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Dean BaquetNew York Times Executive Editor Dean Baquet has refused to investigate the leak of Donald Trump’s off- the-record conversation with the paper’s editorial board.

The knowledge of the conversation’s existence was first revealed by BuzzFeed but no details of what was said have been revealed.

Since the leak, from someone on the Time’s staff to BuzzFeed, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and members of the media have called on Donald Trump to demand the Times release the audio.

But those people are missing the point.

Trump isn’t the villain, he’s the victim.

If the audio reveals, as has been speculated, that Trump would be willing to negotiate on immigration, it wouldn’t be shocking.

What is relevant is the Times’ refusal to even investigate where the leak came from.

“Baquet told me that he didn’t know who had spoken to Buzzfeed to describe the off-the-record portion of the session, and that he didn’t intend to pursue it,” Margaret Sullivan wrote in an op-ed about the leak.

“I don’t know how it got out, but I’m certainly not going to do a leak investigation,” Baquet told Sullivan.

Of course he doesn’t intend to pursue it. It made Trump look bad and the far left newspaper must love that.

What they probably didn’t realize is that it made the New York Times look a lot worse.

Watch the clip below of Baquet discussing the leak with “CBS This Morning” on Thursday.

Carmine Sabia


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