dead dove
Funeral fail! White dove release doesn’t go quite as planned

Dead doves don’t fly – live ones are much more inspiring.

Special treatment: Incarcerated gay inmates get private wing in LA jail

The Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail proudly offers unique programs and services for its inmates- or at least for those inmates who are gay, bisexual, or […]

Oops! Trash-talking guy nearly loses his dentures as he threatens to beat someone up

Old age is brutal, and we shouldn’t laugh because it will happen to us. But seeing this older gentleman nearly lose his teeth while threatening someone at […]

Muay Thai guy
Fighter knocks out much larger opponent in one awesome spinning kick

Though his opponent stood head and shoulders above him, Johnathan Tuhu knocked him out easily with an impressive spinning kick. Now that’s a cool move!

Video: Angry driver takes matters into own hands, attacks protester to unblock traffic

An Angry driver took out his frustrations on a group of protesters that were blocking a busy highway this week in a video that has gone viral. […]

Black Friday shoppers
Women come to blows over panties during Black Friday sale

So much for being the “gentler sex.” These rabid Black Friday shoppers fighting over panties and lingerie are just disgraceful. It’s the season for caring, ladies. It’s […]

Snow angel
Watch: Now that’s a snow angel!

A lone bright spot in bleak Russian winter – and by bright, we mean neon bright!  

Redskins team knows just how to anger political correct libs on Thanksgiving

You have to hand it to the Washington Redskins, who show no signs of yielding to the demands of the politically correct left. On Thursday, in recognition […]

‘This is what leads to things like Ferguson’: Extra large, out-of-control teen relentlessly menaces smaller kid

A scene at a Florida school between a large, intimidating black student and a seemingly unprovoking white student drew references to Ferguson this week. A video of […]

New Black Panther Party
EBT card was too low for Black Panthers to buy bombs from undercover agents

The best laid plans of mice and Panthers often go awry. Especially when you can’t use your government benefits to attack the government. Such was the case […]

Quintavious Johnson
12-year-old’s rendition of national anthem a gift from above for a nation torn by racial strife

Talk about being just what the doctor ordered, it doesn’t take much to believe a higher being may have been involved in the decision to feature this […]

Shocking rules for ‘whites’ at Mike Brown vigil: Support blacks, shut up and ‘refrain from taking up space’

In a continuation of a practice that was prevalent during the short-lived Occupy Wall Street protests, white people attending a vigil in Toronto for Michael Brown were […]