Video: Angry driver takes matters into own hands, attacks protester to unblock traffic

An Angry driver took out his frustrations on a group of protesters that were blocking a busy highway this week in a video that has gone viral.

A major highway in La Jolla, Calif. was commandeered by University of California students protesting the grand jury decision exonerating officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of black teenager Michael Brown.

Tyree Landrum was one of hundreds of drivers on the road and got angry enough to get out of his car to confront the protesters.

Strong language: 

He told ABC 10 News that he was on his way to work in Ross when traffic stopped due to the protest.

The protesters were chanting “No Justice No Peace” when Landrum grabbed the bullhorn from one of the protest leaders.

“Hey, I feel you; we ain’t got no justice either,” Landrum said referring to the drivers trying to get to work.

“I got to go to Ross right now, homie. If I don’t get there, I’m going to get fired,” Landrum said to a ABC 10 photographer. “I’ve got six f——-g kids to feed, homie. M——-f——-s get shot every f——-g day. Deal with it the right way, not like this.”

A nurse trying to get to work shouted “Arrest them.”

“We have doctors and nurses that have to save lives here,” she said to ABC 10.

When police finally arrived on the scene to break up the demonstration one driver shout “You’re spending the night in jail! That’s right, you’re spending the night in jail tonight.”

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