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Sheriff whose deputy was killed by illegal alien pleads with Obama to back down on amnesty


A California sheriff who just buried a deputy killed by an illegal immigrant sent President Obama a poignant message that his executive order on immigration “does nothing to make America or the undocumented population any safer.” In a YouTube video posted on Wednesday, Sacramento County Sheriff Scott Jones directly addressed Obama, informing the president that his […]

Video outrage: Campus libs who ignore Islamic killers still despise Israel


It’s hard to imagine a more disheartening display of how radical college campuses have become in America than a recent social experiment at the University of California-Berkeley. Filmmaker Ami Horowitz first showed up on the busy campus waving an Islamic State flag, and then an Israeli flag. The difference in reactions from students was striking. While waving […]

Cocky tax-cheat Al Sharpton attacks reporter for questioning his dubious finances


Al Sharpton said he is not a tax cheat because… well, President Obama, or something like that. In response to the New York Times reporting that Sharpton owes more than $4.5 million in tax liens, all while living the high life, the MSNBC host did what any respectable hustler would do, he attacked. Sharpton called […]

Man booted from Planet Fitness for wearing anti-abortion t-shirt — twice!


A man was kicked out of a Planet Fitness in Florida on two occasions for wearing t-shirts that denounce abortions. Mike Amoroso is an avid pro-life supporter and has a number of t-shirts with anti-abortion messages. He wore one of the shirts recently to the Orange City Planet Fitness and a complaint was lodged, resulting […]

Obama mistakes Air Force One for Uber, at cost of $295K to US taxpayers


Apparently Dorothy is not alone in thinking there’s no place like home. At a cost of $295,227 to U.S. taxpayers, President Obama opted to fly home from New York over the Labor Day weekend, only to return the following day to attend the wedding of his personal chef Sam Kass to MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, according […]

In a ‘slap in the face’ to cops, Holder removes death penalty from 4 alleged cop killers


Critics have charged that outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder oversees the most political and race oriented Justice Department in U.S. history, and his decision to take the death penalty off the table for four people charged with killing a reserve Virginia police officer further reinforces that belief. Officer Kevin Quick was murdered on Feb. 1 on his […]

NY Times totals up Al Sharpton’s unbelievable amount of tax debt


Al Sharpton, America’s foremost race hustler, owes more than $4.5 million in state and federal tax liens. A New York Times feature published on Tuesday reported that Sharpton “has regularly sidestepped the sorts of obligations most people see as inevitable, like taxes, rent and other bills.” The Times reported: With the tax liability outstanding, Mr. […]

Email reveals top official used threats, tantrums on ‘cruel and uncaring march’ to launch Obamacare

Healthcare email

For President Obama, when it rains it pours. The last thing Obama needs is another negative report about his signature health care law, but Fox News is reporting that an email has surfaced alleging a key ObamaCare official used threats and tantrums to ensure Healthcare.gov launched on schedule last year. According to an email from […]

Alan Grayson, who runs ‘on crazy,’ says GOP runs on hate; mockery ensues


U.S. Rep. Alan Grayson, D-Fla., believes the GOP won convincingly in last week’s midterm election because its candidates ran on hate. The bombastic congressman from Florida posted this message, complete with imagery, Saturday on Twitter: The GOP didn’t run on policy. It ran on hate. pic.twitter.com/HtsD7OEMi4 — Rep. Alan Grayson (@AlanGrayson) November 15, 2014 We […]

Surprise! ‘Hopelessly out of touch’ Obama says he just heard about ‘stupid American voter’ videos


Perhaps proving he does believe we are stupid, President Obama said he “just heard about” the controversy swirling around Jonathan Gruber, who is widely seen as the architect of Obamacare. A number of videos have surfaced of Gruber saying the Obama administration relied on the “stupidity of the American voter” to pass the Affordable Care Act. During […]