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‘The thugs will be out'; Baltimore mayor caves, announces curfew is lifted


In another clear sign the mob is in control in the city of Baltimore, the mayor announced she is lifting an imposed curfew that brought relative calm to city streets. Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake made the announcement Sunday after persistent criticism of the 10 p.m. curfew Saturday by protesters attending a “Victory Rally,” held to celebrate […]

Open-carry demonstrator teaches ‘anarchists’ a lesson about real liberty


While anarchists and socialists are all for violence and destruction, they apparently draw the line at openly carrying a firearm. Who knew? Protesters marched Friday in Seattle to commemorate May Day, clashing with police along the way, setting fires and throwing rocks and other objects at officers, sending several to the hospital — but this radical […]

‘Support the Police’ demonstrator brings baby stroller to Baltimore rally: Brave or irresponsible?


If the goal was to attract attention, it worked. A Baltimore man drew considerable criticism when he showed up at a “Victory Rally” Saturday in front of City Hall carrying a “Support the Police” sign — while pushing a toddler in a stroller! The event was held to celebrate six Baltimore police officers being charged […]

With backdrop of anti-cop protests, NYPD officer shot in head during street stop


A New York Police Department police officer is fighting for his life after being shot twice in the head by an assailant who gave little warning of the deadly violence he was about to unleash. The plainclothes officer, Brian Moore, and his partner, Eric Jensen, pulled up behind Demetrius Blackwell, in their unmarked police vehicle and briefly […]

Councilman visits bathroom during meeting, forgets hot mic; all composure is lost!


Talk about embarrassing. A member of the Georgetown, Texas, city council quietly slipped away from a recent meeting to use the bathroom, which would’ve been uneventful except that he failed to turn off his wireless microphone, according to Mashable. As member Rachael Jonrowe began discussing business before the council, suddenly the amplified audio of the man taking care […]

Obama, Hillary called out for ‘pretending’ US has ‘epidemic of black men dying at the hands of police’


Wall Street Journal columnist Jason Riley accused President Obama and 2016 Democratic presidential contender Hillary Clinton of pushing a “false narrative,” saying they are “pretending” the country has “an epidemic of black men dying at the hands of police.” The Democrats refuse to talk about the real epidemic — young black men dying at the hands of […]

Appeasing the mob not her job: Krauthammer questions Baltimore prosecutor


Fox News contributor Charles Krauthammer questioned the Baltimore prosecutor‘s decision to file charges against six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray, saying “her job is  not to bring peace” and her decision “looks like appeasement of the mob.” “We don’t know if she has the evidence because the report has been given to […]

Marcus Luttrell nearly comes to tears describing relationship with Rick Perry


Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry‘s political action committee released a touching video on Friday of the probable 2016 Republican presidential contender’s unlikely relationship with ex-U.S. Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell. Luttrell, author of the best-selling book “Lone Survivor” and a living embodiment of an All-American tough guy, nearly came to tears in RickPAC’s video describing the relationship. In […]

Judge Jeanine praises Baltimore prosecutor: ‘This women is clear, she is focused, she has the evidence . . .’


The Baltimore prosecutor who charged six police officers in the death of Freddie Gray got some support from an unlikely source — Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro. “She is strong, she is clear,” Pirro said of State Attorney Marilyn Mosby. “She went through the facts as she believes she will be able to prove them at […]

Video: ‘Walking Dead’s’ Tyreese FLIPS OUT in loud crazed rant on NYC subway


“Walking Dead” actor Chad L. Coleman took great offense that a couple sitting near him on a New York City subway car didn’t recognize him. And his tantrum was caught on camera. “No, we don’t know that n*****,” the pair said after trying to figure out who the actor was, according to TMZ. The couple’s confusion […]