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Michael Brown’s mom, granny, cousin start brawl in the street over pimping his image


For several months, the streets of Ferguson, Mo., have been a battleground for protesters angry with police, and last weekend these same streets served as a battleground for members of 18-year-old Michael Brown’s family, who clashed over the selling of merchandise. The teen’s grandmother and cousin were selling t-shirts and other Michael Brown merchandise in […]

‘President Photo Op’ embraces Ebola-free Dallas nurse Nina Pham


President Obama, a man “not interested in photo ops,” finds himself in a lot of photo ops. The latest is with Dallas nurse Nina Pham, who was released Friday from a Washington-area hospital after being pronounced free of the Ebola virus. For all the stress associated with her ordeal, Pham scored a visit to the Oval Office to […]

Judge lets IRS pass since it finally gave group tax-exempt status : Englebrecht reacts to stunning decision


Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com The Internal Revenue Service appears to have come up with an ingenious way to avoid being held accountable for unfairly targeting tea party and other conservative groups for additional scrutiny. Give them what they wanted and look for a little cooperation from the bench. A federal judge, appointed by President […]

LAPD cop who questioned Django actress for lewd acts is in shock, expects to be fired


Django unhinged takes on a new chapter. The Los Angeles police officer who questioned “Django Unchained” actress Daniele Watts while responding to a lewd conduct call expects to be fired as a result of the incident. “I’ve been placed in what’s called the ‘penalty box,’” Sgt. Jim Parker told The Wrap. “I can’t wear a uniform, […]

Hatchet attack on four NYPD officers possible terrorism; celebs weigh in


Without warning, a hatchet-wielding man attacked four rookie New York City police officers on Thursday before being shot and killed by two of the officers. The attacker was identified as Zale Thompson, 32, and police are looking at possible ties to terrorism, according to the New York Daily News. The officers graduated from the academy […]

Fox News’ Andrea Tantaros tells anti-gun model to keep her pretty mouth shut


In response to a Canadian soldier being shot to death Wednesday in Ottawa by a convert to Islam, Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen turned to Twitter to take a shot at the United States. Not only did she take a swipe at the U.S., but doubled down when she began to catch flak for […]

‘Damn you, whitey!’: Converting to Islam and becoming a terrorist is white privilege?

Murtaza Hussain

Be careful, white people. Murtaza Hussain is on to your scheme. In response to the tragic news Wednesday that the man who killed a Canadian soldier before being killed himself in the country’s Parliament minutes later was a convert to Islam, Hussain posted a tweet that made a rather improbable claim: Newest form of white privilege: converting […]

Ferguson’s black witnesses who support Darren Wilson are afraid of mob retribution


With protests in Ferguson, Mo., taking on more of an “Occupy Wall Street” feel with each passing day, protesters refuse to acknowledge the growing possibility that officer Darren Wilson’s actions the day he crossed paths with 18-year-old Michael Brown may have been justified. And it’s a possibility that a number of black witnesses have long […]

‘X-rated’ outrage: Atheists’ image for students shows the Bible as a muscled molester


Thanks to the atheist group Freedom From Religion Foundation, high school students in Orange County, Florida will be on the receiving end of a pamphlet emblazoned with an indecent illustration of a humanized Bible sexually groping a young girl. The pamphlet, titled “An X-Rated Book: Sex and Obscenity in the Bible,” is included among the […]

‘Racism insurance’ video berates white people in the name of humor, but is it funny?

racism ins

A promo video from the makers of the film “Dear White People” advertises racism insurance for white people beset with “white privilege.” The video is patterned after State Farm Insurance commercials, where an agent magically appears out of thin air to assist policyholders dealing with various accidents. Actor David Brown plays the clueless white guy […]