Biden’s fall: The version you HAVEN’T seen!

“SOMETHiNG WiCKED” has done it again, finding the most hilarious memes on and sharing them with the rest of us! “Fore!”:golf:️ — SOMETHiNG WiCKED (@som3thingwicked) […]

San Fran spends millions on ad campaign to paint a city covered in feces and heroin needles as quirky and fun

Can you think of anything fun than having to step over steaming piles of human feces and used drug needles to get to an overpriced hole-in-the-wall […]

Rocker chooses to rage WITH the machine in outraged message to DeSantis supporters

The lead singer for ‘Para’ has decided to try her hand at being stunning and brave by taking the totally not mainstream stance that Florida Governor Ron […]

‘She needs her a** whooped’: Disrespectful brat runs amok in Walmart, attacks grandma

I shudder to think how any adult in my life would have responded to me acting like this as a child. Picture it, you’re taking your granddaughter […]

Hot-headed hubby’s reaction to wife coming in 2nd at beauty pageant goes viral

Some people were never taught how to lose gracefully. The tiara-awarding ceremony during the Miss Gay Mato Grosso 2023 in Brazil, an LGBT pageant, was disturbed by […]

Disneyland’s dress-wearing man works in dress store for little girls: ‘My name’s Nick, I’ll be your Fairy Godmother for the day’

When Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis talks about how we Disney has become, his argument would be better served if he had a visual. Well, the 2024 Republican […]

TikTok tool who breaks into houses for fun brags about ‘weak’ laws right before second arrest

Life is full of little pleasures: An unexpected day off work, an extra-long episode of your favorite show, and watching a cocky TikTer get hit with a […]

‘Look what these MAGA boycotters did to Target!’ Oops, that’s a BLM riot

Conservatives are waging cultural warfare on Target’s bottom but let’s be honest, it’s nothing compared to what the BLM riots inflicted on the store. Frankly, Target […]

‘Trump’s Nephew’ drops MUST SEE music video dissing Target in their OWN store

The “Mayor of MAGAville” is back with another banger! Forgiato Blow, Stoney Dudebro, Nick Nittoli and Jimmy Levy joined forces to blast Target on their own turf, […]

FBI whistleblowers drop Jan 6 bombshells

Most of the media is either ignoring or trying to “debunk” what was said because they’re nothing than propagandists for the Democrat Party, but on Thursday […]

High school students filmed chasing farm animal after ‘senior prank’ goes hilariously wrong

A senior prank gone bad this Thursday morning in the Chicago suburb of Niles created “udder chaos” for a couple short hours. According to various reports, students […]

Florida lawmaker reads out loud fake naughty names into public record in viral prank

A Florida state lawmaker was duped into calling two fake names with sexual overtones during a House Civil Justice Subcommittee meeting this week. Pranksters to advantage of […]