UAW announces new strike at GM and Ford plants

The United Auto Workers (UAW) announced that they would be expanding their targeted strike to manufacturing plants at noon on Friday following a failure to reach […]

The border crisis is crippling US companies’ supply chains

Trade across the U.S.-Mexico border is being severely hampered due to an ongoing migrant crisis that is threatening businesses’ supply chains, according to The Wall Street Journal. […]

Under Biden, bankruptcies are rising for the first time in over 13 years. Here’s why

Bankruptcies are rising for the first time in years as Americans feel the pressure of declining economic conditions without the reprieve of President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 […]

Biden’s GDP growth numbers signal more pain on the way

A new estimate for U.S. economic growth released Thursday could mean that higher interest rates will be with Americans for longer. Gross Domestic Product (GDP), a measure […]

Major US automakers duke it out over Biden admin’s EV tax credits

Major automakers Ford and General Motors are at odds over potential restrictions to federal tax credits for newly-produced electric vehicles (EV) that utilize Chinese components, The Wall […]

TikTok employees raise concern over CCP influence as China execs move in

Some employees at the popular social media platform TikT are concerned about the influence the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has on the company as executives from its […]

Biden regulator sues Amazon, claiming tech giant is an illegal monopoly

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and 17 state attorney generals sued on Tuesday, claiming that the company has exhibited a pattern of illegal conduct equating to […]

Voters overwhelmingly side with the GOP on the economy: Poll

Republicans hold a commanding lead among voters’ views towardwhich party handles the economy better as President Joe Biden continues to pitch his economic policy to the American […]

‘Quiet crisis’: Food banks are inundated with requests for aid as inflation bites

Food banks across the U.S. are reporting a massive uptick in demand as Americans continue to struggle with inflation. Several food banks told the Daily Caller News […]

Western companies slowly turn away from China amid rising tensions

Western companies are increasingly loing for ways to mitigate their risks as tensions rise with China, with some wishing to leave completely, according to the Financial Times. […]

Biden’s much-touted employment numbers could actually be a harbinger of economic disaster

While President Joe Biden has often pointed to the persistently low unemployment rate to prove the viability of his economic policies, the metric may actually be an […]

Did Bidenomics kill the American dream? Homes and cars are becoming increasingly unaffordable for the middle class

The prices of cars and homes have both grown increasingly out of reach for average Americans as inflation continues to degrade real wages. The heightened inflation that […]

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