‘Showing their true colors’: Republicans vote against Dem amendment to allow guns in state capitol

Several Republican Florida lawmakers voted against a Democrat-introduced amendment Thursday that would remove the “gun free” status from the Florida Capitol, Second Amendment advocate Gun Owners Of […]

Two foreign countries join forces in $10 billion lawsuit against US gun manufacturers

The Bahamas joined Mexico Wednesday to appeal a federal judge’s November decision to dismiss a $10 billionlawsuit against U.S. gun manufacturers for deaths caused by firearms, according […]

‘Unconstitutional’: Federal judge blocks multiple California gun restrictions

A federal judge issued a temporary injunction blocking multiple California gun restrictions Monday, saying the laws violated the constitution in light of a landmark Supreme Court case […]

Republican lawmakers pass repeal of ‘Jim Crow’ law, and dems are seething

Republican lawmakers in North Carolina passed a repeal of a “Jim Crow”-era gun law last week that was initially intended to prevent black Americans from owning firearms, […]

San Francisco Bay area’s war on gas appliances could lead to more blackouts, experts say

The San Francisco Bay Area’s energy grid may not be able to handle a transition to electric appliances, experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation, as the […]

Biden’s budget would balloon ATF funding to nearly $2 billion, up 50% from Obama admin

IfPresident JoeBiden’s budget is approved, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) budget willreflect a nearly $700 million or roughly 50% increase in funding compared […]

Republicans helped Biden implement ‘backdoor’ universal background checks, gun advocates say

President Joe Biden announced Tuesday that he will be expanding current background checks as close to “universal background checks” as possible, an action made possible by Republican […]

Stacey Abrams joins dark money-backed group looking to crack down on gas stoves

Two-time failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is joining an environmental advocacy group that is loing to crack down on gas stoves, according to the group’s website. […]

Biden pushes for further gun control measures despite current agenda facing legal, congressional pushback

President Joe Biden continues to push for restrictive gun control measures, but many of his initiatives are tied up in court, subject to congressional review or wiy […]

Dem operatives defend Chinese-owned TikTok as a ‘valuable’ political weapon

Multiple Democratic operatives are defending TikT, as they believe it is a “valuable weapon” for reaching the younger generation, with one operative saying the decision to ban […]

Blue state governor promises ‘consequences’ if Walgreens refuses to distribute abortion drug

Democratic New York Gov. Kathy Hochul promised that there would be “consequences” if Walgreens refused to distribute an abortion-inducing drug in New York, according to a Friday […]

Majority of voters think Biden has a conflict of interest with China: Poll

A majority of voters believe President Joe Biden has a conflict of interest when responding to aggressive actions by China, according to a recent poll. Of 1,082 […]

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