Melania dazzles in shimmery white, figure-hugging gown for Congressional Christmas Ball. See photos.

It’s hard to argue, whether you are fond of President Donald Trump or not, his wife Melania is a striking woman. The former international mo has handled […]

’25 Days of Melania’: Christmastime tribute to First Lady takes flight in face of media onslaught

The media has been on an all-out assault against First Lady Melania Trump since it’s become clear … she’s no fan of the press either. And why […]

Meghan McCain scolds audience for applauding harsh John Kelly criticism: ‘I think it’s weird to be clapping’

The liberal hosts of The View were all too eager to jump on the Trump-bashing bandwagon over the departure of White House Chief of Staff John Kelly, […]

The people’s house is ready… White House Christmas 2018 video and photos are breathtaking

FLOTUS and her team have done it again! Enjoy … WATCH THE WHITE HOUSE VIDEO TOUR: The People’s House @WhiteHouse is ready to celebrate Christmas and the […]

‘Remember, she wants to be POTUS’: Kamala Harris slammed for grilling ICE nominee on ‘parallels’ of KKK and ICE

California Senator Kamala Harris became wildly condescending and ramped up the racial rhetoric during a confirmation of ICE nominee Ronald Vitiello. Vitiello was subjected to Harris’ shameless […]

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized, fractures three ribs after fall

It is being reported that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg, 85, has been hospitialized after taking a fall Wednesday night. Justice Ginsburg hospitalized: — Shannon Bream (@ShannonBream) […]

Jeff Sessions fired, effective immediately …resigned ‘at Trump’s request ‘

Attorney General Jeff Sessions, upon President Trump’s request, has turned in his resignation, effective immediately. Here’s the announcement via tweet from President Trump. https://.com/realDonaldTrump/status/1060256623439110146 There is no […]

Minds blown when young black man explains why he’s casting his very first ballot for Republicans

A video circulating the internet is raising praise from Republicans and no doubt striking fear in the hearts of Democrats. A local reporter covering the hotly contested […]

Obama responded to these 14 mass shootings under his term. Which ones did he get blamed for?

President Trump is being blamed by liberal news outlets and pundits for the actions of a madman, who shot up a Pittsburgh synagogue on Saturday, leaving eleven […]

Defense Sec. Mattis expected to sign deployment orders, hundreds of troops to head to U.S. border

President Trump is expected to make good on his promise to keep America safe and deploy hundreds of U.S. troops to the Southern border. Trump has been […]

‘It’s catchy’: Alisyn Camerota can’t deny President Trump’s midterm slogan is a REALLY good one

In a rare unfiltered moment of honesty, CNN host Alisyn Camerota admitted that Trump’s got at least one thing right. Not one to give the President an […]

Three key Senators vote YES on Kavanaugh as narrow procedural vote pushes him forward

Senate Republicans filed for a cloture vote on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh on Thursday and wasted no time putting it into action the next day. I […]