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Jeff Sessions fired, effective immediately …resigned ‘at Trump’s request ‘

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Attorney General Jeff Sessions, upon President Trump’s request, has turned in his resignation, effective immediately. Here’s the announcement via tweet from President Trump.


There is no official word on a permanent replacement for the position, but pundits have wasted no time speculating on Trump’s motivation and the effect the move could have on the Mueller investigation.

Matthew G. Whitaker, Chief of Staff to Attorney General Jeff Sessions at the Department of Justice, is already sworn in as interim AG, Fox News reports.

Whitaker, in a past interview with CNN, has discussed defanging the special counsel investigation by withholding funds, instead of firing Mueller.

Democrats and anti-Trump Republicans are pushing back immediately over the “appearance of interference.” Cries for Whitaker to recuse himself came swiftly and forcefully from multiple lawmakers and pundits.

Sources say Sessions letter was prepared on Wednesday morning and that it was Chief of Staff Kelly who called for the exit, not President Trump.


More information will be forthcoming to this ongoing breaking news.



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