Lisa Boothe warns GOP, do not cave one bit to Dems on guns: ‘A disarmed population is easier to control’

(Source: Fox News)

The proverbial warning that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it appears to be the message from Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe when it comes to the Democrats’ call for so-called common-sense gun regulations.

The end game for liberals is to exert more authoritarianism, Boothe insisted.

In a panel discussion on the Fox News Channel in the video clip embedded above, Boothe implied that she hoped gun rights supporters don’t water down their support for the Second Amendment in the aftermath of the horrific mass shooting at the Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Anchoring “The Big Sunday Show,” Alicia Acuna, who said she was also covering the National Rifle Association convention in Houston, implied that she was getting a sense from attendees that there might be room for compromise on additional gun laws.

“Look at the gun control equation. It’s not about the guns, in my opinion, to the left. It is about the control aspect,” Boothe replied.

“I believe that Democrats want to take away guns from law-abiding [citizens] for the same reason that communist regimes and the Taliban want to take guns away from citizens. And that’s to control,” Boothe declared. “A disarmed population is easier to control.”

“I’m sorry; you had to have been asleep during COVID if you didn’t see the left’s desire to control the country. So no, I don’t think there is any room on the Second Amendment. I personally would not give any ground on that issue,” she continued.

“And what’s the argument for the left? That only the police should be left with guns? That did not work out here. That didn’t work out during the George Floyd riots when law-abiding citizens, Americans, had to take it upon themselves to defend their own lives, defend their communities, defend their businesses, as rioters tried to burn down their cities and burn down neighborhoods. I hope that the Republicans don’t give up any ground on the Second Amendment issue, personally,” Boothe said.

Uvalde cops stand accused of loitering outside the school for 45 minutes or more rather than entering the building to rescue the kids from the gunman. The U.S. Department of Justice is launching a review of the police response.

At the beginning of the segment, Fox News contributor Tyrus asserted that “the investigation needs to be done by professionals looking to improve, not politicians looking to use it to get votes.”

To punctuate the discussion, Fox News contributor and U.S. Marine Joey Jones cautioned that gun control advocacy groups offer words that are “sweet as honey” and that are based on emotion rather than logic or knowledge.

“I have nothing against changing our gun laws to make us safer in an honest conversation that convinces me that those changes make us safer. Nothing on the table shows that outside of, let’s be honest, confiscation and eradication, and I don’t think that’s where half of Americans are, much less most,” he said, in part.

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13 thoughts on “Lisa Boothe warns GOP, do not cave one bit to Dems on guns: ‘A disarmed population is easier to control’

  1. The SCOTUS in 2005 said the police have NO DUTY to protect people. As long as that is the law of the land, in conjunction with qualified immunity, police have no reason to do anything to help anyone.

    (About Parkland)…U.S. District Judge Beth Bloom said neither the school nor sheriff’s deputies had a legal obligation to protect students from the alleged shooter, Nikolas Cruz, who is accused of killing 17 people at the school Feb. 14. Her reasoning? The students were not in state custody.

    Or read about the (I believe) 10 year old who was abused by his father for 4 years until he went into a vegetative state. The mother repeatedly asked CYS and the police to intervene but no one did. In the end she filed a lawsuit and it was dismissed on the above grounds.


  2. We saw, with our own eyes, what was, and still is happening in what we have always thought of as “free” countries similar to the US that have banned guns. Places like Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc…..People being physically dragged out of their homes, taken to quarantine camps, no due process, not allowing people to travel more than a couple of km from their homes, being arrested for not wearing a mask, while outdoor, by themselves.

    Even here in the US. Parents being arrested for taking their children to a public park for fresh air and exercise after being forced to stay home and do remote school. Our churches closed. Gyms closed, Pastors being arrested. Being unable to be with our loved ones while they were dying, Being unable to hold or attend the funerals of our loved ones.

    The only reason that the US wasn’t dragging people to camps was because of our 2A rights. We still have the means and tools to protect us from a tyrannical government. We cannot ever give up that right.

  3. Bingo !!
    A disarmed America is their mission . They can come into your homes
    Controll you ,arrest you ,never seen again .
    Sound familiar Americans.
    Stalin ,Hitler ,XI, Cuba , N Korea ., Russia ,all communist ruled ,countries .
    Don’t give up your guns America, you’ll be sitting ducks ,
    DEAD. sitting ducks .
    What’s next ? The gas chambers . Don’t Ever forget . Nazis.
    Controlled, communism. Surpression.
    That is what the demorats want to turn America to be .

  4. John Adams, second president of the US, famously said “an armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man is a subject”. Every time governments are able to get their citizens to give up their guns for safety, they kill their new “subjects”. Hitler did it in Germany, Stalin in Russia, Mao in China, Pol Pot in Cambodia, and now the government of Australia has gone full Nazi on its recently unarmed population. FJB

    1. BINGO !!’!!!!
      The Demorat communist party want total control !supression ,to dominate.
      Just like the nazis ,disarm, no food,fuel gas ,all resources gone .
      They want the USA to be a third world communist country .
      Wake up USA. If they get total control, kiss your ass’s goodbye .
      Been happening since President Trumps re election was stolen .
      Fkjbiden is the puppet , remember when obamma ass said
      “He would like to run a third term “. We’ll , meet the puppeteer America!
      He is in the shadows . Don’t kid yourselves .
      WAKE UP !!!!!

  5. She’s 100% correct. It’s all about control for the left. It wouldn’t surprise me if they’re identifying mentally-ill people and encouraging them to shoot up schools and churches so they can push their gun control BS.

    You’re never getting our guns, you stupid, MF’ers!

  6. Oh please! WE ARE armed! And they STILL controlled us! Shutdown/lockdowns/arresting unlawful law lawbreakers ring ANY bells??? Does Jan6 ring a bell? NO ‘arms’ were brought! Only people who live in fantasyworld say/think we’re going to right this government with guns. We need guns for our protection against thugs/criminals that we see everyday. Bringing guns to a tank and bomb fight is… Not funny, but….
    Yea, I know. Thumbs down by sanctimonious clowns in 3… 2… 1…

  7. Hey Joey, you say “I have nothing against changing our gun laws to make us safer in an honest conversation that convinces me that those changes make us safer…” I felt “safe” when I was 30 and could run fast. Now at 83 I feel “safer” when I carry a snub nose 38.

  8. Beware any government that seeks to disarm its citizens, as they intend to act in a manner for which the citizens would kill them!
    A FACT that has been proven time and time again in history!

    “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government.” Thomas Jefferson

    1. As much a I agree with the sentiment in the TJ quote I need to point out that according to Monticello.Org. (TJ’s Foundation web site)…”The website lists several variations of the quotation, featured on two pages, and says staff “have not found any evidence that Thomas Jefferson said or wrote” those words.”

    2. No. The FACT that has been proven is shutting down this country for two years AND arresting people for breaking UNlawful laws, STILL wasn’t enough for a country with people armed to the teeth to do anything about it!! So, I don’t get what other ‘tyranny’ you want/need? But you sound good on paper… LoL

  9. Booths knows history. Too many msm talking as sholes and network donkeys do not !

  10. With all the censorship on media platforms and what appears people taken down and censored in minutes or less, why is it they pick up quickly on threats of a president or one deemed worthy, but yet can not pick up on these threats on everyday people living out their lives. How was he and others able to get so far. Too me they purposely choose due to agendas. One man close to the front of mourners taped off for Biden visit and Gov. Abbott, was yelling rheteric on what will he do about change. Booing was heard in the background for Gov. Abott, I do not take any of that as speaking for families. The close up of this man, he appeared alone, had moved his way to the front, while people around him clearly were there for the families and stood silently watching on. We call that Infiltrating to give a false sense. People like this should also be investigated.

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