Lawrence Jones asks his mom on air why she chose to have him at 16, her answer is awe-inspiring


Thanks to a decision to not abort made decades ago by his mother, Fox News host Lawrence Jones is alive and well.

But why? Why did his mother choose life over death and, in the process, sacrifice what it sounds like could have been a career in sports? To answer that question, Jones invited his mother onto Fox News’ “Cross Country” this Saturday.

“Mama, I try to keep you away from TV because you’re my mama. I don’t want to share you with the world. But what was happening in politics this week, and you’re a person who doesn’t get involved in politics at all, but I had to ask you, mom, when you were 16 and you decided to give up basketball and all the fun, why did you choose to have me?” he said.

“Well, son, I was taught at a young age about sex and what happened if you had sex unprotected. But it happened. I had sex over spring break — me and dad did — and I got pregnant. Well then, I knew that I had a responsibility. It was my responsibility. It wasn’t my mom, my grandparents’. I knew that I had to step up to the plate. And that caused me to let sports go, and I became a mommy,” his mother replied.

But did she ever feel tempted to prioritize her own interests over those of her son? Jones wanted to know.

“I got to ask you, was there ever a point in time where you almost went the other way and decided maybe I’m going to put my life ahead of my son’s life?” he asked.

“No, no. At no time. I never questioned it. Once I knew that I was pregnant, my friends hated me, because I was the star, I was the point guard, I was the finisher, I was the free throw player. I was it. And I never picked up a ball. I never did another game. I never did another volleyball, another basketball. I became a mother. And you were my responsibility. I didn’t push you off on your grandmothers. I took care of you,” his mother replied.

The discussion concluded with Jones asking his mother if she ever had any regrets.

“When we struggled, mama, did you ever go back in your mind and say, maybe I could have made a different decision at that time, because we had good days, and we had bad days, but we did it all together,” he said.

“Of course, son, of course. You know, when it gets hard, you’re always going to  be thinking about it could have been easier. However, the more I prayed, the more I talked to God, and the more I was honest about my struggle, I had that village that came along. Like your aunt, my grandparents, my mom. You know, they stepped up and they helped us. But the struggle was real, son,” Mama Jones replied.

“Well, mama, you know that I’m so grateful that you made that decision. And I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for my mama. Mama, thank you for coming on my show tonight,” Jones responded, closing out the segment.

“I love you son,” his mom said.

“I love you too,” he replied.

His mother’s perspective is vastly different from the one promoted by Democrats and their media allies. Their perspective is that a woman’s happiness and pleasure should come first and foremost.

Earlier in the week, in fact, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen explicitly argued that women having the right to abort their babies is necessary for them to “plan lives that are fulfilling and satisfying.”

During an earlier segment on “Cross Country,” Jones tore into Yellen and the Democrat Party at large over those comments.


Jones specifically zeroed in on how Yellen’s words sounded no different than the rhetoric of notoriously racist Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger.

“I thought the Democrats were done with Margaret Sanger. But if that’s the case, why is Janet Yellen parroting her manifesto in front of Congress? Of course, we all knew it was just a front. Just because they removed her name from a building doesn’t mean they’re divorced from her guiding principles. If you don’t believe me, just look at the location of the Planned Parenthood facilities. A 2017 report by the Life Issues Institute found that 88 percent of Planned Parenthood mega-centers target women of color, with 80 percent specifically targeting black communities, and 56 percent targeting Hispanic and Latino neighborhoods. Those are just the numbers,” he said.

“You see, the secretary has a PhD from Harvard, so she’s not a dummy. She was very clear here. She’s talking about teenage black women. She says they can’t continue their education if they choose life. They can’t participate in the workforce if they choose life. They aren’t in a position to care for their children, so don’t choose life or else those children will grow up poor and be worse themselves. Sanger had a definition for this. She called those moms unfit. Her factors for determining if someone was unfit came down to race, physical and socioeconomic qualifications and their mental fitness.”


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15 thoughts on “Lawrence Jones asks his mom on air why she chose to have him at 16, her answer is awe-inspiring

  1. There you have it. The difference between a Christian Conservative and a Godless Liberal. The color doesn’t matter

  2. I personally can’t wait to see this whole administration hang!! There are just small allegations surfacing, but there will be more to come. Spying and gathering information on people. Misuse ( on purpose) Covid funds misused. Then there is Afghanistan, Ukraine. Inflation, the birder. Want more ?
    There is but no room here!

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      :) AND GOOD LUCK.:)


  3. Good for the Mom and her sense of responsibility. Sanger is the Patroness Saint of the baby killers death cult and just because someone has a Ph.D like Yellen doesn’t mean they’re smart and have ANY common sense.

  4. This was awesome. My daughters who are therapists, whom I love and labored for all my life, one wrote an expose book on her awful life. She is successful, but that wasn’t me. Moms alcoholism, gambling addiction and not telling the truth, and feelings of taking advantage of, ENTITLEMENT, shaped them into the Christian therapists that they are today. I would encourage good families to seek out the relationships of therapists before they entrust lives to some of these people. Selective toxic Christianity does not include honoring thy FATHER and mother equally and love should not included cover ups of sins of mother and father. The love between mother and son was over whelming. My ex threatened my mother with a knife like instrument, and the control and manipulation are truly sad. I pray for them, and my grandchildren and know this generational curse must stop. The children’s grandmother and her son, their uncle, died by their own hand. The one daughters prof of therapy, at Christian college, also died by his own hand.

    1. Doesn’t make killing babies the right thing to do. They should be responsible before!

  5. This is all very sweet and inspiring but yet very telling. Other than the ONE mention of his “dad” that got her pregnant, there was no other mention of him. Notice she mentions the support oF her AUNT, her GRANDPARENTS, and her MOM! WHERE, other than GRANDPARENTS, are the MEN?? THIS is what the DEMOcrats pushed and financed! WHY?? Why are DEMOcrats so AGAINST a BLACK FAMILY consisting oF a MAN and a WOMAN or better yet, a FATHER and a MOTHER?? I honestly don’t understand why black Americans haven’t been marching in the streets and Halls of Congress to get these answers!!! It’s nice that this time everyone seems to have have a loving, successful life but it’s NOT the usual outcome!

  6. Thanks great story, my body my choice but they forget my body my choice my responsibility! They never include responsibility! Pretty easy think a little before you jump into bed.. Use protection or deal with the responsibility of getting pregnant!

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