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Say what? Biden’s tribute to ‘great negro at the time’ Satchel Paige doesn’t sit well with a lot of folks

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President Joe Biden used the antiquated term “negro” on Thursday while delivering remarks at Arlington National Cemetery on behalf of Veterans Day.

While he didn’t necessarily use the term in an overtly disparaging way, his usage of it notwithstanding provoked many raised eyebrows on social media.

He was wishing somebody “happy birthday” when he uttered the term.

“Happy Birthday. Thank you for your service to our country. And I just want to tell you, I know you are a little younger than I am, but you know, I’ve adopted the attitude of the great negro at the time — pitcher in the Negro league who went on to become a great pitcher in the pros — in the Major League Baseball after Jackie Robinson,” he said

“His name is Satchel Paige. And Satchel Paige on his 47th birthday pitched a win against Chicago. And all the press went in and said, ‘Satch, it‘s amazing.’ Forty seven years old, no one’s ever, ever pitched a win at age 47,” the oblivious president added.

His use of the word triggered some interesting responses, including these:

Popular conservative radio show host Michael Knowles meanwhile honestly wondered, “Does anyone actually care that Biden said ‘negro’?”

Several of his followers replied by saying “no,” but stressed that they do care about the hypocrisy of liberal Democrats.


Note how former President Donald Trump was mentioned. There’s no doubt in the minds of conservatives that had the former president ever used the word “negro” — no matter how positive the context — it would have triggered a “constitutional crisis.”

As in Democrats and their media allies screeching that America was in yet another “constitutional crisis” and the president had to be removed from office by any means.

But because Biden is a Democrat — one beloved by America’s blue checkmark brigade of elites — the assumption is he’ll be let off the hook scot-free.

What remains unclear is how his sycophants “spin this.”

And indeed, by 1:30 pm Thursday, the media were already beginning to spin.

“No, Joe Biden Did Not Refer to Satchel Paige as a ‘Negro’ During Veterans Day Speech,” a headline at the mostly left-wing entertainment site Mediaite reads.

“The president obviously began to say ‘Great Negro League pitcher,’ but then paused and shifted to saying ‘at the time, pitcher in the Negro Leagues,’ which was, in fact, the name of the league that Black players formed when they were shut out of Major League Baseball. That this needs to be explained is beyond absurd,” the piece reads.

Uh huh …

Vivek Saxena


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