Left wing activists call NYPD officers ‘slave catchers’ in clash over squatters occupying retail property

As documented in a lengthy Twitter thread, a NYPD contingent arrested a group of community activists on Saturday after cops apparently tried to evict squatters from occupying an under-construction retail space in Brooklyn.

The encounter included the agitators, who had claimed the location as a “community space,” accusing cops of being slave catchers and spewing profanity at them.

New York City resident and citizen journalist Elad Eliahu, who is seen being harassed by protesters as he videoed what was going on, chronicled the situation and shared it on social media (Warning for language).

Eliahu, who a protester tried to block from filming with an umbrella at one point (a technique that leftists have used at other venues around the country), also mentioned that the demonstrators were among a regular cast of characters who regularly participate in such street theater and had threatened him previously.

It appeared that officers tried to use bolt cutters, a chain saw, and other tools to try to gain access the building presumably to remove any squatters. Cops eventually were able to open the door.

“A black photographer at the event says ‘f— you to black officers’ and calls them “slave catchers” and accuses them of “working for the KKK,” Eliahu wrote.

The NYPD throws an activist trying to get to the door.”

Cops eventually declared the protest an unlawful assembly and announced via public address that participants would be arrested if they didn’t disperse. The riot squad was deployed.

“Police and activists line up against each other,” Eliiahu noted.

Was the reference to “communist” center, rather than community center, a Freudian slip?

Apparently the activists didn’t get the message, scuffles broke out, and cops began making arrests.

Eliahu also recorded the arrest of a man who had earlier allegedly harassed him after a “perfect tackle.”

The NYPD is receiving plaudits on social media for the way they handled the situation.

Far-left activists in New York attempted to claim a business property that doesn’t belong to them to ‘reappropriate.’ Police handle the matter accordingly. You love to see it,” political commentator Ian Miles Cheong wrote.

Others also chimed in along similar lines:

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