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White nationalist Nick Fuentes tossed out of CPAC in apparent preplanned stunt

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Known white nationalist Nick Fuentes was booted from CPAC in Dallas on Saturday in what some are speculating was a pre-planned publicity stunt.

Fuentes appeared outside of the Hilton Anatole where the conference was being held with a group of about twenty supporters in tow chanting “Groyper”, the name of Fuentes’ so-called movement.

“It’s white boy summer… I was just telling everybody, we’re doing a press conference at 5 o’clock PM at the Sheraton hotel across the street,” he said while standing outside the conference. “I’m giving my most unchained speech ever. I’m off of Twitter, I have nothing to lose. So this is gonna be the most racist, sexist, the most anti-Semitic, the most Holocaust-denying speech in all of Dallas this weekend.”

With his groupies cheering him on, Fuentes then announced that because he is an American and because he was cancelled, he was going to go into the conference.

Fuentes, 22, was in the building for a few minutes, according to a Washington Post reporter, before he was ejected. On his way out he harassed Salon reporter Zachary Petrizzo for being allowed in the conference despite working for a “far-left” news organization.

Fuentes’ followers chanted “Groyper” and booed Petrizzo as Fuentes yelled in the third person, “So why a far-left progressive publications is allowed at CPAC, but America first conservatives like Nick Fuentes are not.”

Security was then called on the trespassers and they exited the building.

The Salon reporter noted on Twitter that while Fuentes remains banned from the event, other far-right extremists are allegedly not.

“Unite the Right attendee Nick Fuentes might be barred from CPAC, but other far-right extremists continue to roam free at the CPAC Dallas 2021 gathering.” Petrizzo told Mediaite.

Some security appeared to be fans and approached Fuentes asking for pictures, as seen in the video of him exiting.

Coincidentally, Twitter permanently suspended Fuentes from the platform on Saturday. Fuentes alleges that an Anti-Defamation League report about him released on Thursday was the catalyst for his suspension.

“Nicholas Fuentes is a white supremacist leader and organizer and podcaster who seeks to forge a white nationalist alternative to the mainstream GOP,” the ADL wrote in their report.

“The ADL published a report on me and then I was permanently suspended hours later. That’s what happened,” Fuentes posted on rival platform, Telegram.

Many notable conservatives who disavow Fuentes spoke out against censorship when news of the suspension broke:

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