Dave Scott: Squinty-eyed Joe vs. Putin

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. In preparation for his June 16 summit with Joe Biden in Switzerland, Russian President Vladimir Putin’s […]

Leo Terrell: Who oppressed Obama? He’s the last person on earth who should promote critical race theory

How is it possible that America elected a black president twice, and is systemically racist? Fox News contributor Leo Terrell has a simple answer – America is […]

DeSantis rails against ‘woke’ CEO critics of voter integrity laws who happily take money from China

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis railed at critics of voter integrity laws signed by him and his Georgia GOP colleague, Gov. Brian Kemp, while still taking money from […]

Bikini-clad supermodel Emily Ratajkowski takes major heat for posing with baby ‘as a prop’

Supermodel Emily Ratajkowski was called out by Piers Morgan and many others for her baby-holding technique displayed in a series of photos that she posted to her […]

Biden admin threatens Texas with legal action over governor’s order to close migrant detention facilities

The Biden administration has threatened to take legal action against Texas Gov. Greg Abbott after he ordered federally-funded detention centers for migrant children who were brought illegally […]

Biden’s hefty 2022 budget proposal erases ‘mother’ for woke term ‘birthing people’

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. The aggressive push by the radical left in America today is largely dependent on two things, […]

Dennis Prager: The single best thing Americans can do to retake America

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. The most frequent question people pose to me is: What can I/we do to fight back […]

French President Macron gets slapped across face, calls it a ‘an affront to democracy’

As French President Emmanuel Macron was out meeting and greeting in a charm offensive in Southern France, he was slapped across the face on Tuesday by a […]

Stephen Moore: Sorry, Joe — fixing roads and bridges doesn’t cost $2 trillion

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. The Biden White House is furiously trying to cajole congressional Republicans into signing off on his […]

Scottsdale residents furious as Biden admin converts hotel into ICE detention center ‘under cover of darkness’

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich and Scottsdale, Arizona residents are furious over the Biden administration converting a local hotel into an ICE detention center that will house […]

Left fumes as Trump and Bill O’Reilly plan to set the record straight with national tour

Former President Donald Trump refuses to be silenced by social media corporations and the mainstream press and this winter, he plans to take his message directly to […]

GOP senators send AG Garland incriminating letter, detail concerns about two-tiered justice under Biden

A group of U.S. senators sent Attorney General Merrick Garland a letter Monday expressing concern about what looks to be a two-tiered system of justice under the […]

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