Consumer prices outpace Americans’ wage growth as inflation surges

Thomas Catenacci, DCNF Massive government spending has decreased the value of the American dollar and triggered increased consumer prices, which economic experts said will only get worse. […]

PolitiFact quietly retracts ‘pants on fire’ lab leak fact check

Andrew Kerr, DCNF PolitiFact quietly retracted a fact check from September 2020 on Monday that called a Hong Kong virologist’s claim that COVID-19 was a lab-created virus […]

Biden steps over VP Harris in rush to take credit for Israeli ceasefire; stress takes its toll

A ceasefire was announced Thursday between Israel and Hamas, and while that development could not have come soon enough in the eyes of many, there was no […]

Judge rules against Christian college suing Biden admin over Trans mandate

A district judge rejected a challenge to the Biden administration’s order to force co-ed bathrooms and dorms on a Christian college over the school’s religious objections. In […]

Only in Florida: Crazed woman stalks governor

In another Very Florida story, a woman with a colorful criminal history has spent the last year collecting media accolades and a half-million dollars in donations by […]