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‘Fair Questions’ with Matt Bailey takes on Texas and Cuomo with Newsmax’s Chris Salcedo

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In this week’s episode of “Fair Questions,” host Matt Bailey discussed hot media topics that dealt with Texas in stories ranging from the power outage in the state to Senator Ted Cruz’s short trip to Cancun, Mexico.

Bailey discussed the loss of power and heat in the Lone Star State, its devastating consequences, and how power is now thankfully restored in the latest segment.

Then he pivoted to the egregious political optics of the Cruz debacle and how the media ate it up.

Newsmax host and radio personality Chris Salcedo joined Bailey to discuss both the winter tragedy in Texas and Cruz’s apparent and unfortunate faux pas during the historic storm.

They covered who was to blame for the deadly Texas power outage and the progressive policies involving green energy that led to the end result. Talk turned to Cruz and his actions during the weather event and whether the GOP lawmaker deserves the criticism he is getting for it or not.

The interview also covered the controversy involving New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s pandemic policies and the nursing home deaths in his state, as compared to Cruz’s jaunt to Cancun.

The issue was discussed in conjunction with Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats who are calling for an investigation into Cuomo’s actions regarding his handling of the coronavirus in New York. Cuomo was compared to California’s Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom and part of the discussion focused on how the media played into all of this.

Bailey closed the segment by addressing the media and conservatives and the ensuing narrative. He gave a final word on Ted Cruz as well as feeding the “media monster.”


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