What did he expect? Piers Morgan aghast over astronomical US gun sales amid riots and turmoil

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The results are in: COVID-19 concerns followed by the civil unrest that has been sweeping the U.S. in the past month or so, plus calls to defund the police, apparently seem to have put to rest the whole gun control thing.

Millions of law-abiding Americans from all backgrounds and walks of life are legally acquiring firearms for self-defense in unprecedented numbers.

TownHall reports that the data on purchases and government background checks is massive and decisive.

“According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, June 2020 saw the highest number of gun purchases since the FBI started keeping track 20 years ago. Further, this year’s June number increased over June 2019 by 135.7 percent. According to the unadjusted number from the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System, 3,909,502 background checks were conducted…In addition, the numbers for the first quarter of 2020 already far outpace the entirety of 2019.”

Added the Washington Examiner, “The FBI recorded its highest-ever number of background checks for gun sales in June, a 70% jump over June 2019 and the latest evidence that more guns will be sold in 2020 than ever in American history.

“Sales began to surge this year because of the upcoming 2020 presidential election and the possibility that gun control advocate Joe Biden would win. It sparked again when Virginia surprisingly put limits on guns in a model other states started to eye. Sales really jumped when the coronavirus hit and apparently exploded after the looting and riots following George Floyd’s death in Minneapolis police custody,” the Examiner claimed.

What the radical-left gun control cohort, and pandering Democrat politicians like Biden and many others, don’t seem to realize is that even non-gun-owners (perhaps otherwise now known as future gun owners in the current climate) support the Second Amendment, the right of the people to keep and bear arms.

British journalist Piers Morgan, a self-described liberal who you may recall tanked CNN’s ratings with his gun control obsession after he replaced Larry King, acknowledged his depression over surging U.S. gun ownership.

Many 2A advocates provided Morgan with a reality check.

While on America TV, Piers Morgan failed to understand that hardened criminals such as gang members, crazy people, and terrorists commit most of the gun crime.

Separately, a former Celebrity Apprentice winner, Morgan is one of the few media personalities in the U.K. who has treated Donald Trump fairly, even though Piers says he disagrees with the president on many issues. And as host of Good Morning Britain, to his credit, he has vehemently opposed political correctness and identity politics. Unfortunately, Morgan seems to have gone off the deep end recently with COVID fear-mongering.

A columnist for the Daily Mail in addition to his lucrative TV gig, Morgan also likely lives in an upscale, high-security enclave in London, like most of the London media elitists, where crime is typically a non-issue. Despite strict gun control laws, many urban centers in the U.K. have sadly become engulfed in violent crime in some areas. London has also experienced BLM protests.

In the U.K., limousine liberals are known as champagne socialists.

Robert Jonathan


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