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You can’t make this up: Gov. ‘blackface’ Northam will be honored speaker at Dems’ virtual Convention

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Virginia Democrats say they are “honored” that Gov. Ralph Northam is speaking at their virtual state convention that runs from June 19 through June 21.

Given allegations of systemic racism sweeping the country, this is a massive turnaround because back in February 2019, the Dems were demanding that their fellow Democrat step down after a yearbook photo emerged that allegedly showed him either in blackface or wearing a Klan robe.

After a flurry of coverage, the mainstream media ultimately dropped the scandal because it didn’t comport with its agenda.

Northam, a medical doctor, also seems to be supportive of infanticide. The lockdown-loving politician was previously caught violating his own social distancing rules and failing to wear a mask.

As an aside, the late New York City talk show host Bob Grant, who pioneered conservative radio before it was cool and before syndication was a thing, often opined that when it comes to matters of race, liberal are the ultimate hypocrites.

Northam apologized for the offensive imagery, but later backtracked and claimed neither photo was him. Northam somehow acquired the nickname “coonman” while in college and also admitted to wearing blackface on several other occasions.

Northam held on to his job somehow, and – presumably as part of a backroom deal with party power-brokers with that in mind – has been busily rubber-stamping the far-left’s agenda in the state legislature, including doing away with voter ID. In November 2019, Democrats took control of both houses of the state legislature for the first time in 20 years.

Included among the Democrat speakers are Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax (accused of sexual harassment) and state Attorney General Mark Herring (who admitted to wearing blackface in college). At one point, a scenario existed that all three were going to be forced to step down.

A Republican, House of Delegates Speaker Kirk Cox would have then become governor in order of succession under the state constitution however, and the Democrats had no intention of letting that happen.

Sleepy Joe Biden, among other liberal politicians, is also scheduled to deliver (or in his case, try to deliver) an address at the online event.

Northam’s “honorable” speaking engagement did not escape the notice of the Virginia GOP along with many individual Twitter users.

Robert Jonathan


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