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Nashville mayor urges colleagues to join in protest; a few hours later court house is on fire, city in mayhem

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Democrat Nashville Mayor John Cooper apparently thought it was a good idea to promote a peaceful “I Will Breathe” rally at the state capitol’s Legislative Plaza yesterday. Violent protesters had other ideas, and social distancing wasn’t one of them.

In a memo to his colleagues on the city council, the mayor explained that the purpose of the event in downtown Nashville that he was attending was to provide a forum for African-Americans to “speak out against the senseless killing of George Floyd and the deep-seated issues of racial injustice in our country.”

The afternoon event was largely peaceful, according to the Tennessean, until later.

“Tensions ratcheted up as evening set in, and protesters started a fire at Nashville’s Metro Courthouse, which also houses City Hall…Dozens of people had gathered on the steps of the building after the rally and march. Demonstrators smashed windows with rocks and other material, drawing a swarm of police.”

Among other things, BLM, for Black Lives Matter, was reportedly spray-painted on the courthouse doors.


Cops responded and used tear gas to disperse the rioters.

Law enforcement vet Dan Bongino has deemed the response to the George Floyd death in Minneapolis as evolved into domestic terrorism orchestrated by the far-left Antifa organization.

President Trump has vowed to end the violence from rioters, looters and anarchists which he says dishonors the memory of George Floyd. As they did during the COVID-19 pandemic, liberals will criticize (if they haven’t done so already) Trump for either doing too much or not enough in the face of civil unrest.

As an aside, in light of recent events, does anyone even remember the COVID outbreak anymore?

Mayor Cooper has subsequently declared a state of emergency for the city, and Gov. Bill Lee, a Republican, has deployed the National Guard at the request of Cooper.

Cops arrested 28 people after the city implemented a 10 p.m. curfew. Authorities say that 30 buildings or businesses were vandalized in the chaos. The Tennessean separately reported that of those taken into custody, “Eleven of those people were white, 16 black and one Hispanic.”

Tennessee is a red state, except generally for urban centers such as Nashville and Memphis.

In a more positive outcome, public-spirited good Samaritans are participating in the clean-up of graffiti left by vandals at the nearby Bridgestone Arena, the home of the perhaps ironically named Nashville Predators of the NHL.

In a statement, Cooper decried what happened as shameful and indicated that further arrests would be forthcoming.

Many on Twitter were not impressed, however, especially given the mayor’s strict, coronavirus-related lockdown orders.

Robert Jonathan


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