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Reporters threaten to walk out, Trump cuts briefing short after White House tried to move CNN to back row

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Members of the left-wing establishment press cried foul Friday when the White House allegedly tried moving CNN correspondent Kaitlan Collins from her highness’s treasured spot at the front of the briefing room to a spot further behind.

According to tweets posted by Yahoo News’ Hunter Walker, just prior to the start of Friday’s White House coronavirus briefing, officials allegedly asked the “print pooler” who reportedly sits in the backmost row to switch spots with Collins.

For reasons that aren’t entirely understood, this triggered the mass gnashing of teeth from other correspondents, including Walker himself.


According to Walker, the White House eventually relented and allowed Collins to remain upfront in her original seat.

In the tweet above, Walker attributed the White House backing down to the decision by the WHCA, Collins and the “print pooler” to reportedly stand their ground.

He further identified the “pooler” as Chris Johnson, a “reporter” for the Washington Blade whose Twitter profile identifies him as someone dedicated to “[b]ringing you all the LGBT news that’s fit to print.”

(Source: Twitter)

It’s not clear whether Johnson is aware of Collins’ homophobic history.

It’s also not clear how exactly the press stood their ground when reports have emerged that they threatened to walk out of the briefing. Ironically, walking out of the briefing was exactly what President Donald Trump wound up doing without answering questions.

Watch (disable your adblocker if the video doesn’t appear):

The questions reportedly pertained to his disinfectant remarks from Thursday, which were and are still being distorted by members of media, including Collins’ immediate boss, CNN chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta.

As word of the media’s threats to walk out spread, One America News Network CEO Robert Herring posted a tweet revealing he’d been receiving “calls and emails” from non-establishment reporters “who would like a seat at the White House if the press corps walks out.”

“They are all good, real news people,” he added.

As opposed to some of the dubious figures whom the WCHA has allowed to attend the White House’s briefings, including literal propagandists for the Chinese Communist Party.

The fact that the American press is spending more time attempting to discredit Trump’s leadership on the coronavirus crisis than in reporting on the origins of the virus and the truth about China’s misrepresentation of the facts is appalling,” Barry Richards of Massachusetts of AM radio station WBSM wrote earlier this month in response to the WHCA’s behavior.

That the White House Correspondents Association is providing the Chinese Communist Party access to the president for purposes of propaganda is downright disturbing.”

Dovetailing back to Hunter’s tweets, he also claimed via Johnson that a “WH staffer threatened to have Secret Service enforce the swap.” However, this claim has been disputed by the Secret Service, according to ABC News’ Jon Karl:

Following the alleged altercation before Friday’s White House briefing, Collins took to Twitter herself to tell her side of the story.


While the tweet certainly wasn’t ratioed, not everybody responded to it with praise and adoration.

Look (*Language warning):

The latter tweet was in reference to the fact that CNN has and continues to mostly ignore any news pertaining to the sexual assault allegations against presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden.

Collins has likewise never once complained about being forced to work alongside literal Communist Party of China propagandists.

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