Did a duplicitous reapportionment case presage blue states?

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. Virginia is blue, so are other states, the red tide is receding, progressivism is crushing the […]

Defective data, risky results; Here’s how the Harvard COVID-19 model got it wrong

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. As world governments face unprecedented medical, social, and economic fallout from the COVID-19 crisis, they turn […]

Tucker Carlson blasts Leftist governors, media for criminalizing dissent against ongoing stay-at-home orders

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson is among the very few cable news pundits who have called out Democrat governors and mayors for their overly restrictive shutdown orders during […]

Chris Cuomo’s ‘reemergence’ from basement moment crushed by backlash: ‘Was this before the Hamptons?’

Well, there’s a reason why President Donald Trump frequently refers to CNN as the “fake news” network. In what feels like an uncomfortable, “scripted” moment, CNN’s anchor […]

Why shouldn’t Dr Birx speak? Ivanka Trump calls out Joe Biden for saying only Dr Fauci should be heard

Ivanka Trump rebuked former Vice President Joe Biden for seeming to disrespect a female member of President Trump’s coronavirus task force. The president’s eldest daughter called out […]

Gutfeld offers an ‘adult’s take’ on reopening economy; rips ‘insulated dopes’ scolding those who want to work

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld offered an “adult’s” take on reopening the U.S. economy amid the coronavirus outbreak Monday on “The Five,” taking note that federalism is […]

Troubling CDC rule forces states to list ‘presumed cases’ under COVID-19 deaths even if not confirmed

One of the biggest casualties in the ongoing coronavirus pandemic which continues to hold much of the U.S. hostage is also one of the least discussed: The […]

MSNBC’s Maddow unloads on conservative media for reporting on the re-opening of US economy

The CNN and MSNBC — or MSDNC, as President Trump likes to refer to the network — advocate for the Democratic Party, the their on-air […]

Fox’s Melissa Francis tests de Blasio’s ‘snitch line’ to see what happens; uncovers a major flaw

Fox Business anchor Melissa Francis to up New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio on his recent announcement and tested the “snitch ” for herself. The Fox […]

Tom Brady booted out of park in Tampa Bay due to coronavirus ‘stay-at-home’ rule

You can win six Super Bowls on your way to becoming a shoo-in first-round Hall of Fame quarterback, but even Tom Brady doesn’t have enough mojo to […]

Hannity rips NY Times: ‘Maliciously’ twisted my words and ‘exploited’ a man’s death to smear me

Fox News host Sean Hannity unloaded on The New York Times in a scathing on-air rebuke over a column about a viewer who recently died. Hannity slammed […]

rosie o'donnell trump election landslide
Rosie O’Donnell predicts Trump will lose reelection: She said the same thing in 2016

Comedian Rosie O’Donnellvowed that President Trump will lose the November 2020 election“by a landslide” because Americans will“rise to the occasion” and vote him out. O’Donnell made the […]

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