CEO on Tucker urges a ‘reality check’ with new COVID-19 projections, says people ‘need to get back to work’

Real estate CEO Don Peebles called out the “big overreaction” in COVID-19 death toll projections and urged the U.S. to move ahead with reopening the economy. Peebles, who […]

Nikki Haley WHO investigated Tedros
Nikki Haley lays out timeline, demands WHO be ‘held accountable’ for coronavirus fail

Nikki Haley says the World Health Organization (WHO) should be investigated for pushing the Chinese Communist Party’s propaganda that the coronavirus could not be transmitted through human-to-human […]

Alyssa Milano breaks from Me Too hypocrisy, digs deeper hole with ‘PSA’ to stop ‘coronavirus gun surge’

After a week of being rightly ridiculed and disparaged over her brazen hypocrisy as it pertains to presumptive Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden, “super-sciency” Hollywood genius Alyssa Milano […]

CNN’s bad week gets worse when DNI busts network for running ‘inaccurate’ anti-Trump story

CNN is just not having a good week, it seems. While harrumphing over a claim Vice President Mike Pence’s office was not allowing the nation’s top health officials […]

Blaming coronavirus, Planned Parenthood of Greater New York lays off employees, closes a dozen clinics

Mary Margaret Olohan, DCNF Planned Parenthood of Greater New York is laying off employees and closing centers, citing strain from the coronavirus pandemic on resources. Emails obtained […]

Barr on Durham probe: Something ‘far more troubling here’ than ‘mistakes and sloppiness’

Attorney General William Barr believes U.S. intelligence officials engaged in “troubling” activity and an ongoing investigation will soon likely be exposing the issues. Barr spoke with Fox News […]

‘We make 100 percent’: NJ Dem ‘jokes’ about withholding Lysol products to strongarm Mitch McConnell

A New Jersey Democrat lawmaker whose county is known for producing most of the country’s Lysol disinfectant was caught on video “jokingly” fantasizing about withholding Lysol from […]

Someone fall asleep in CNN control room? Hilarious moment ‘Stage 4 TDS’ question slips through at town hall

CNN aired a virtual town hall Thursday evening on the coronavirus pandemic, and despite an earlier complaint that Vice President Mike Pence’s office wasn’t allowing the nation’s […]

Big media names fawn over fake news story Colin Kaepernick got a new gig with New York Jets

Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick being signed by the New York Jets was cause for celebration as fans from media personalities to politicians rejoiced. But the embarrassing truth […]

American healthcare workers sue Chinese government for allegedly hoarding medical safety supplies

Andrew Kerr, DCNF A group of American health care workers filed a class-action lawsuit seeking damages against the Chinese government Wednesday for its alleged hoarding of medical […]

Chuck Norris: Finding the hero within the face of a pandemic

Op-ed views and opinions expressed are solely those of the author. As reports continue to come in of medical professionals thrust into the frontlines of the battle […]

President Trump hits record approval in Fox News poll, like clockwork the left goes bananas

President Donald Trump has scored a record-high approval rating with Fox News, earning 49 percent of registered voters’ approval and 49 percent of registered voters’ disapproval, thus […]