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Selective outrage abounds when hot mic catches Trump drop F-bomb before COVID-19 address

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Thus a new scandal erupts …

Prior to and following the start of President Donald Trump’s coronavirus announcement Wednesday evening, a hot mic reportedly caught him making some otherwise completely non-controversial remarks.

“Uh what, oh f–k. Uh oh, I got a pen mark. Anybody have any white … you have any white stuff?” a hot mic caught him saying before the announcement began.

“Alright … ohhhkay,” a hot mic likewise caught him saying after the conclusion of his announcement.

Listen below (*Graphic language warning) (disable your adblocker if the video doesn’t appear):


None of this ought to be controversial, especially not after former President Barack Hussein Obama was caught on hot mic promising the world to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Thanks to Trump Derangement Syndrome run amok, however, these benign remarks triggered exasperation from members of the self-proclaimed “Resistance.”


The narrative from the left always remains the same: #OrangeManBad.

Conversely, those who acknowledge that the president is a normal human being like everybody else were mystified by this hypocrisy and irrationality of the left.


A lot of the criticism centered on the left’s reflexive defense of front-runner Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden and his endless gaffes.

After all, Trump’s hot mic “gaffes” come amid Biden having been caught on mic (not hot mic) telling an everyday American that he’s “full of s–t” and then threatening to slap that same American.


The stunning footage triggered very few complaints from the left, which has been far too busy attacking both supporters of the president and supporters of Democrat presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders for highlighting Biden’s failing mental state.

Learn more below:

But no, according to the left Biden’s inability to remember his own name, remember Obama’s name and remember basic facts isn’t an issue.

But Trump speaking casually before and after a major announcement — that’s “yuge,” didn’t you know?

Vivek Saxena


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