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Tofurky all the rage! Are Americans really going meatless for Thanksgiving because climate change?

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According to the annoying liberal, it was time to start having meatless Thanksgivings.

Oy vey …

As seen above, last week Time magazine ran a report to spotlight the trend of allegedly brave left-wingers combating climate change by having meatless Thanksgivings.

“As evidence grows that eating less meat can help curb the effects of climate change, more and more Americans are preparing meat-free holiday meals for the first time,” the report reads.

But how can one possibly celebrate Thanksgiving without a bird, you might ask. With a fake turkey, aka tofurky …

“Tofurky, an alt-meat brand famous for its eponymous tofu-based turkey replacement, has barely been able to keep up with the increased demand,” its stunning piece continued.


Oh yes, really:

Sigh …

Granted, eating tofurky for one day to combat climate change certainly beats getting a vasectomy!

Continuing its report, Time then turned its attention to so-called “social justice.”

Of course …

“Though some adopted vegetarianism in the 19th century simply because meat was so expensive, the practice was historically associated with movements like women’s rights, abolitionism and economic justice, casting the choice to avoid meat as a statement,” the outlet revealed.

“Before 1900, generally speaking, vegetarianism is seen as kind of a radical social-reform movement tied to any number of social-reform movements in the U.S.,” Adam Shprintzen, the author of “The Vegetarian Crusade” and an assistant professor of history at Marywood University, told the magazine.

Pssst … a lot of vegans are still quite radical (and prone to injuries to the face).

“Vegetarianism as a movement undergoes a pretty significant transformation in the U.S. kind of neatly at the turn of the 20th century,” Shprintzen continued. “As the notion that a meatless diet could improve personal health gained traction, more meat alternatives became available. Being vegetarian no longer meant being stuck with vegetables and rice.”

Sure. It now means being stuck with vegetables, rice AND “grass clippings” sculpted in the shape of unidentifiable burger-looking objects (UBLOs). Though to be clear, some UBLOs are known to be very sizzling:

(Source: Yandy.com)

Muey caliente!

As for the UBLO known as tofurky …

After Time shared its report to Twitter, the public reacted with, well, uh, eh, take a look for yourself:

You get the picture.

One of the folks replying to Time did bring up a valid point, though: “Last time I read Time the cover story featured the coming ice age,” he wrote.

While the magazine has never actually run a cover warning about an upcoming ice age, it has over the past several decades trotted out alarmist rhetoric and headlines about climate change and the Earth’s allegedly impending doom.

It started as early as 1974:

It’s continued unabated since, with the magazine running an entire issue dedicated to climate change just a few months ago:

Like other mainstream media outlets, Time seems hellbent on peddling narratives that always just happen to align perfectly with the Democrat Party’s “hot mess” agenda.

Perhaps the magazine will succeed. Perhaps over time more and more Americans will begin to adopt its position on climate change.

As for Thanksgiving, however, well, this tweet kind of says it all:

Vivek Saxena


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