Abortions fall to lowest levels since Roe v. Wade began

Pro-lifers rejoice! Abortion rates in the United States have hit their lowest level since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, according to newly released figures. […]

Comedians held hostage: ‘Woke’ crowd ruining comedy

“Saturday Night Live” legends have their former employer in their crosshairs due to the recent firing of comedian Shane Gillis over past comments that were deemed racist. […]

Trump forms taskforce, says California cities ‘fed up’ over homelessness

President Donald Trump vowed not to let Democratic-run California cities “destroy themselves” over the rampant homelessness that is plaguing them. The president suggested the creation of an […]

Take it slow, Joe: Biden promises more jobs for women than there are U.S. citizens

The more candidate Joe Biden hits the stump, the more President Donald Trump hopes he prevails. Fresh off the bizarre tale of a young Biden facing down […]

Fmr. Miami American Airlines mechanic accused of sabotaging plane has possible ISIS ties

It is now believed that a former American Airlines mechanic who was charged with allegedly sabotaging a plane has possible ties to ISIS. It was previously reported […]

Elizabeth Warren one-ups Biden with segregationist gaffe, but will media care?

In the brave new world created by progressive Democrats and their media allies, the political landscape is peppered with potential mines just waiting to be stepped on […]

So much for bipartisanship — AZ senator faces backlash for backing Trump agenda

The Arizona Democratic Party is planning to hold a vote this week on whether or not to censure Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, D-Ariz. Their concern? Sinema, 43, is […]

Texas teacher loses her job after asking Trump in tweet to deport illegal immigrants

A Forth Worth, Texas high school teacher was fired after tweeting her support for President Donald Trump deporting illegal aliens. The Fort Worth Independent School District board […]

Poll proves it: Voters yawn at impeachment…only about 35% agree

Despite the persistent beating of the impeachment drum by House Democrats, Americans seem largely uninterested in the long, ongoing effort. A new poll found that even with […]

Democrats’ Red Flag laws target rural gun owners – but not gangs

Rep. Ken Buck called out hypocritical Democrats who don’t want to include gang members in red flag laws aimed at American gun owners. The Colorado Republican discussed Democrats’ […]

Warren waffles: Won’t say if new taxes for middle class under her plan

Elizabeth Warren took a deep dive down the tax rabbit hole and couldn’t seem to find her way out during a recent interview with Stephen Colbert. That […]

Bogus climate claims: Think tank rolls up doomsday scenarios that never happened

The biggest trouble with getting behind politicians and commentators who push global warming are the bold, but troublesome predictions they make. Case in point: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims […]

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