Barr to lead Spygate investigation himself, according to reports

Attorney General William Barr may take the lead in heading up the investigation into how FBI agents and others conspired to spy on candidate Donald Trump and […]

Study shows disastrous consequences of min wage hikes, ‘payroll tsunami’ and property crime spikes

Democrats continue to push for a raise in the nation’s minimum wage even as reports indicate that the move can lead to an increase in crime and […]

DCCC chair says Texas will look ‘completely different’ in a few years, calls it ‘ground zero’ for 2020 battle and beyond

  Traditionally, Texas is a conservative stronghold. However, the Democrat strategy of bringing in demographic waves of blue voters appears to be altering the political outlook there, […]

President of pro-Israel group takes Rashida Tlaib to the woodshed after she accuses him of spreading ‘hate rhetoric’

Rep. Rashida Tlaib was eviscerated by the president of a pro-Israel group for her attempt to smear him for allegedly promoting “hate rhetoric and extremism.” Morton Klein, […]

Watch New Mexico Democrat dodge the word ‘crisis’ to describe the border fiasco

A Democratic congresswoman effectively danced around a question about whether there is a crisis at the southern U.S. border when asked by MSNBC’s Willie Geist. New Mexico […]

Candace Owens obliterates ‘stunned’ Dems at hate crimes hearings, shuts down Ted Lieu’s stunt like a boss

Candace Owens, communications director for Turning Point USA, was invited by Republicans to appear at the House Judiciary Committee hearing on hate crimes Tuesday and things didn’t […]

De Blasio forcing vaccinations on Brooklyn: $1,000 fine for those who refuse – city will close schools that admit unvaccinated kids

New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio has declared a public health emergency and is deploying the city’s health department to force all Brooklyn residents in certain […]

‘Won’t have it’: Meghan Markle reportedly wants royal baby raised vegan, hits Queen Elizabeth’s last nerve

Meghan Markle may be finding out the hard way that Queen Elizabeth will be having the last say in the decisions being made around the soon-to-arrive royal […]

Levin warns of judicial supremacy, says country is ‘overrun’ by federal courts ‘interfering in immigration’

Late last year then-Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen announced a new policy designed to stop illegal aliens from gaming the system by using America’s lax asylum laws to […]

AG Barr’s testimony shatters Dem narrative on Mueller report, indicates release within a week

Did you happen to hear a chorus of groans earlier this morning? If so, it was probably your neighborhood Democrats watching Attorney General William Barr testify before […]

New York GOP chairman targets opposition party over ‘outrageous’ bill to release Trump’s state tax returns

The chairman of the state GOP in New York ripped the opposition party in his state for pursuing “outrageous” legislation that would let them to share President […]

Neighboring county commissioner vying to hire disgraced ex-Broward Sheriff Scott Israel … fat chance!

Disgraced former Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel has hopes of landing a job as police chief for nearby Opa-locka, which the Miami-Herald calls Miami-Dade’s most chaotic and […]

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