Lindsey Graham says ‘Red Flag’ gun confiscation laws needed, Senators meet in the wake of 3 high-profile suicides

Lawmakers in the Senate Judiciary Committee today held a widely anticipated hearing on “Red Flag” gun confiscation laws … which many states have already enacted. Immediately afterwards, […]

Hasselbeck blasts Rosie O’Donnell’s ‘reckless, insulting’ co-star crush confession: ‘You don’t get a pass because you’re a lesbian …’

It seems the rift between Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Rosie O’Donnell has not quite mended as the former co-host of  “The View” slammed her ABC talk show colleague for […]

Lawyer for suspect accused of ‘Franky Boy’ Cali hit argues right-wing websites made him do it

The attorney for the suspect accused of killing Gambino crime syndicate boss Francesco “Franky Boy” Cali appears to be trying to craft an insanity defense by pinning […]

Brit Hume calls collusion farce the ‘worst journalistic debacle’ of his lifetime in stern rebuke to his peers

Fox News analyst Brit Hume blasted the mainstream media in a scathing rebuke for the “worst journalistic debacle” of his lifetime. The veteran journalist called out the […]

‘This is almost unheard of’: Judge Nap leads reactions as details come out on dropped Smollett charges. Cops are furious.

Has real privilege in America been discovered? Fox News legal analyst Andrew Napolitano was astonished by the shocking news that all charges have been dropped against disgraced actor […]

Impeachment’s dead? Now Dems say they were never seriously considering it

Democrats who have been waving their impeachment torches and pitchforks at President Trump are not only retreating, some claim the option was never even considered. House Democratic […]

Pelosi dutifully addresses anti-semitic, anti-American views at AIPAC

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi hammered members of her own party this morning at the AIPAC annual meeting in Washington, DC for breaching critical American values and loyalties, […]

In stunning move, prosecutors abruptly drop all 16 charges against ‘Empire’ actor Jussie Smollett

All charges against disgraced Hollywood actor Jussie Smollett, whose hate crime hoax cost Chicago both money and some of its reputation, have reportedly been dropped. “We believe this outcome […]

‘You’ve got to be kidding me’: Lindsey Graham hits a home run answering NBC reporter’s ‘absurd’ question

Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., had no patience for NBC News reporter Geoff Bennett when asked about a possible “conflict of interest” with him being close to President Donald Trump […]

Tucker accused of ‘sugar-shaming’ after sending Brian Stelter a box of jelly donuts. Here’s how CNN host responded to the gift …

Brian Stelter is reportedly not amused by Tucker Carlson’s sticky gesture. The CNN host was apparently offended by the box of jelly donuts sent his way last week […]

‘I am pissed off’: Furious Hannity in no mood to celebrate, calls for ‘day of reckoning’

Sean Hannity is in no mood to celebrate. The Mueller report summary released by Attorney General William Barr on Sunday afternoon hardly registered a momentary truce. If […]

Lou Dobbs puts a point on the end of Mueller: ‘Trump prevailed against evil forces … deep state writhing in pain in bright light of truth’

Fox Business host Lou Dobbs celebrated a “grand day” in the nation as efforts to “overthrow” President Donald Trump came to an end – for now. “It […]

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