Ex-teacher says she was fired for calling police after half-naked student sexually assaulted her

Teaching isn’t always the magical experience it’s made out to be.

A former teacher in Westchester County, New York is suing the school where she worked for firing her after she called the police on a student who allegedly sexually assaulted her.

Greenburgh Eleven UFSD. (Photo: Google Maps).

Judy Sugar filed a lawsuit against the Greenburgh Eleven school district and Elton Thompson, principal of Mary McLeod Bethune Junior and Senior High School in Dobbs Ferry, the New York Post reports.

Sugar worked at the school until May 2015, when she claimed a student “accosted” her, pressing his exposed penis against her legs and backside as she was bent over using a microscope.

The former teacher said she informed Thompson of the incident immediately after it occurred, but that he failed to take action. The principal also allegedly ignored Sugar’s previous complaints regarding the same student.

The school’s head teacher advised Sugar to report the incident at Dobbs Ferry police headquarters rather than call officers to campus.

Students at Greenburgh Eleven UFSD. (Photo: Facebook).

Sugar said she feared for the safety of staff, including new “young, attractive” music teacher. She called the police, but officers were turned away at the door to the school.

When the principle learned of Sugar’s call, he allegedly asked her to leave school grounds and threatened to take away her job.

The next day, the student was arrested and subjected to an order that barred him from contact with his teacher.

Four days later, Sugar was fired.

According to the school’s website, Mary McLeod Bethune Junior/Senior High School is a “residential and day all male public high school” for students who have emotional, behavioral, and learning problems.

(Photo: Facebook).

The school said it has a policy that prohibits teachers from calling police to report a crime on school grounds. Sugar claimed to be unaware of the policy and is asking to have her job restored, as well as back pay, bonuses, and payment for her legal fees.

The beauty of living in America: most problems can be resolved with a good old-fashioned lawsuit.


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