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CNN hammers ABC News for handing Trump a sword – and yes, it’s awkward and tone-deaf

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CNN showed no mercy for its colleagues at ABC News on Sunday as it hammered the false report on Gen. Michael Flynn’s deal with special counsel Robert Mueller.

On “Reliable Sources” host Brian Stelter recapped how ABC’s Brian Ross erroneously reported that President Donald Trump asked Flynn to contact the Russians during the presidential campaign and the subsequent backtracking by the network.

“They called it a correction but it was a huge error,” Stelter said.

Jeff Greenfield, a veteran reporter, was baffled by how ABC handled the situation.

“The thing that baffles me about this, why would it take ABC News hours to correct this when every other media outlet was right,” he said.

He added that ABC should have been “on notice” because of Ross’ shoddy reporting in the past, which included linking the Aurora movie theater shooter to the tea party and blaming Saddam Hussein for anthrax attacks when he was told by the White House that he was incorrect before he aired it.

And he was mainly angry that the fake report helps President Trump’s narrative that the media reports fake news.

“This is exactly what Trump and his allies want to say, ‘No matter what you hear on mainstream media, it’s fake. They’re doing it to hurt us.’ And this is like handing a sword to the people who want all media to be looked at in that regard,” he said.

Oliver Darcy, a senior CNN reporter, said that ABC News is “very embarrassed” by Ross’ mistake, and it is uncertain if he will return to the network when his four week suspension, which ABC News levied against him, is done.

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